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I love being off work! Am I ready to retire ? Yes. Are my finances ready for me to retire? God, no! There’s a lot to be said though for doing what you like doing! Don’t worry this is not one of those blogs that will offer wellness or a cure for depression, but, there is a lot to be said for the simple pleasures in life. For the best part of forty years now, my personal path to wellbeing has been model soldiers, plus that must have add on the painting table….

Vijay in the house opposite may well wonder what I am doing but I rely on this three metres squared of wood and metal. The last two weeks has seen frantic activity in getting De Bellis Antiquitatis armies finished. The more I paint, the more armies that I prepare, the more forces I can morph into. The more I erase arch new armies, the more I read. The more history I read , the more I want to paint. It really is a vituous spiral of absorbing pastimes.

The Swiss and Imperialists are now nearing complation. It’s time to start planning a battle. I’ve been watching a large number of games on YouTube recently and haven’t given up on the idea of combing  the Total War computer game mechanics with D.B.A.. I did warn you about the way my brain works. I recent trip to Saint Fagans even got me interested in a Welsh medieval army and that would be something new.

The gardens at Saint Fagans reminded me of my plans for the English Civil War. Those minis are rebased but the American Civil war is the next priority.

So, if you want to be able to laugh off the stresses and strains of the real world, my advice would be the madcap, slightly odd, totally absorbing pastime of the miniature warrior. There is nothing better than a painting table with the next project in preparation. I hope you had a good weekend and please share your recommendations for the hobby. Here’s to Monday mornings and life’s priorities…


  1. hexeres

    Interesting post, thanks. I recommend retirement if you can afford it, and the key to a good retirement is to have interesting hobbies!

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