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To the Strongest: The Normans

Well it’s March the first and another wargames army is finished! Please don’t contact your legal representative, I promised an army a month and this counts!….and if you need more reasons? It just does!

The Tercio knows that I have loads of Norman miniatures. I love their history and their image. I think their courage is unrivalled and their skills vastly superior to any contemporary. And, I have a Norman surname…..

An army a month? Of course!

The target was to finish a whole army and to my relief, it was finished off in a weekend. There was a momentary flutter when the rules writer Simon Miller emailed the updated army lists but the dear old Normans were unaffected.

How can you not be impressed by a Norman warrior?

If all the heavy lifting was done; what took a weekend I hear you ask? Well all I needed to do was reorganise the supports. I had collected a pure 1066 army, complete with a few green horses shown in the Bayeau Tapestry.

The fierce Norman charge has no reverse gear!

Between charges of course, one needs to keep the enemy’s heads down and that means firepower. It’s quite modest in the TTS list so didn’t require much.

Must remember it’s pre- gunpowder!

I have discovered quite a natty pain free way of rebasing that I shall endeavour to detail. Firstly the Normans never made contact with the Chinese but you will need a take- away carton. Fill it with water so that your minis are ancle deep. Leave to soak….

Twenty minutes is more than enough

Your minis can then be pulled out of the poly filler basing with ease. Then it’s collect the newly scored msg base and attach with….

American viewers may need to look for a substitute but you wanted to leave the warm embrace of the mother country! Mark, I’m looking at you🙄

I’ve used twenty millimetre discs for the all important heroes. Torn up cork covers the gaps.

I’ve dispensed with poly filler entirely on the advice of Steve Timjiin, so it’s just a dip in sand and a drybrush.

And it was done! I still have six more knights units, some light horse and dismounted swordsmen but the beauty of a Norman host is that these will be Sicilians, Anglo- Normans, Feudal French or early Crusaders. But that is a story for another month!

Heroic Normans with that Viking spirit intact!
Armoured bow- look out Harold!
The crossbow units and bow that would make the knight increasingly nervous over the next few centuries!
Not enough ships for the horses? Why not dismount the milites and create rock hard spear units!
The gift that keeps on giving; get yourself a Norman army; the Swiss Army knife of wargames armies. Any opponent , anywhere!
The Norman’s favourite saint, Michael! Coincidence?

I hope you enjoyed this showcase. My order from Khurasan miniatures has just arrived in time for the March target. They are terrific minis and I look forward to displaying them at the end of the month but for now I wish you a very happy Saint David’s Day!

Baldwin of Caerdydd!


    • Funny you should say that!!!! I need a Norman and a Welsh SAGA force for the Crug Mawr campaign! Martin was on messanger earlier; meet up in Bristol post lock down if u are interested?????

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