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Wargames miniatures- how much longer?

‪“… every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”‬
‪George Orwell, 1984‬

I thought to rename this blog ” The Clown Time” diaries. Could our much loved hobby be safe from the totalitarian madness all around us? Did you know that Magic the Gathering collectable cards contained racist depictions via references to orcs? Did you know that cards had to be removed due to their lack of awareness? That Origins Online was boycotted for not showing support to BLM quick enough- not even that they had refused?  Well let’s go back to another time when statues fell, the “elites” were powerless and a cultural revolution was abroad….

These are Lurkio figures ; Gothic foot for Attila’s army. They are great sturdy sculpts and I really do mean sturdy. After my comments about Aventine models, these shields and weapons will not move! The minis have cloaks and arms that utilise the space in between shields to make them secure. This may not be to everyone’s taste but I prefer robustness to modelling finesse any day. The faces and horses are a joy. They are now available in one piece plastic sets from Simon Hall at Lurkio Figurines and I believe the Plastic Soldier Company here in the U.K.

Now an admission, I never thought I would get nervous about publishing pictures of my miniatures but in these strangest of times I must admit that I did not put these minis on the front page. I don’t know how much longer our hobby will escape the thought-police but it can’t be much longer. So to please the Neo-Maoists out there…….

I hate Racism and the slaughter of 300,000 Black people by Sudanese militias was dreadful.

I hate the violent actions of the British Empire in Africa and its modern equivalent the People’s Republic of China.

I hate detention without trial and my heart goes out to the Uighur people’s locked in concentration camps.

I hate slavery and the slave markets of Libya  must be shut down, if only the Royal Navy could repeat its actions of the nineteenth century!

Based for Rebels and Patriots plus our new addition Colt-action. The bulk of them are Sash and Sabre, with a number of Crusader and Renegade added. They were an early effort to speed paint and not a happy one but the six colour challenge starts Monday- stay tuned.

Apologies for the “preachy” nature of this post. Our hobby is precious and we must defend it from those who can only see the World in terms of Power and fractional identities. I’ve absolutely loved staying in contact with the lads and ladies who follow this site- my thanks to all of you! We never follow the mob!


  1. The world has gone crazy just lately that’s for sure. I am all for peaceful protests and free speach but I’m not in favour of anarchy and political correctness gone mad. I’m sure our hobby is safe from such things if for no other reason than ethnic minorities seem to have little or no interest in it from what I have seen. If that changes expect to see more dioramas themed around Isandlwana rather than Rorke’s Drift!

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  2. I have to say that all those models look gorgeous! Have you made that church ruin piece yourself? That was great!

    And that was an interesting preaching section right there. I have no problem with the peaceful protets and can agree with demands of equality. It is the byproducts and disorder that I don’t accept.

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    • Thanks so much – really enjoy making pieces like that- something a bit different from bits and pieces. All my hun army has the ruins of Rome on their bases.
      Agree with equality of opportunity but plans that demand equality of outcome always kill individual freedom .
      God we discuss some deep topics!

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      • That was just a beatiful ruin and the basing idea of the roman ruins is also nice 👍

        Yeah, killing individual freedom is something to fight against and I dont know if there would be examples of the opposite situation doing any good for society.

        It is the miracle of internet. I bet without it we would not had actually talked perhaps never.

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      • Roger that- you must keep commenting because it’s always great to have people discussing without point scoring. It’s funny how model soldiers can make friendships!

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    • Thanks John! I did read that they wore their hide clothing till it fell off so any compliments would be very welcome! And the less said about the shape of their heads the better!

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  3. Nice Huns and ACW. Great points about the hobby and the madness (note I did not say “current” as this is a political struggle that has been going on forever). The murder in Minneapolis was horrible. Everyone agreed on that here. The officers responsible acted in a way that cannot be defended. Our country is not systematically racist, and that does not deny that racists exist. Subsequent events are, however, quite different in terms of nature. The riots and looting are happening in the communities that are totally controlled by Democrat politicians. In Minneapolis, the Democrat mayor emboldened the mob by refusing to enforce law and order and by abandoning a police station. In New York, the NYPD is being hamstrung by a similar pair of incompetents. In Seattle, the mayor and the Democrat governor have acquiesced to the mob. This is politics, as those in power in these cities are fellow travelers with them, and will do anything to get power and defeat Trump. Not to sully your post with this, but thought that you would enjoy hearing my perspective.

    The good news is that I believe that, outside of the lunatic west coast and the northeast, it will backfire. God I pray that is so.

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    • Mark,
      It’s people like you that make me want to live in the U.S.A.! The scenes in both the Uk and USA just go to show what happens when lunatic ideas are hatched in Universities and then bleed into the mainstream. Game companies apologising for crimes they have got nothing to do with was hilarious!This blog will never bend the knee to Neo- Marxists!
      God bless!
      There you are, we are both in trouble with the Beast!

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      • The game companies are not alone unfortunately. All the “woke” CEO’s chiming in are pathetically trying to get their companies to not to get attacked themselves. Americans will reject the concept of “collective guilt” that the mob is screaming for – and liberty will have a fight, but it will endure if enough of us also reject bending the knee.

        One day these folks were screaming to lock down everything and everyone to save lives – and that any peaceful protests to against government overreach was evil and irresponsible. The next day these same talking heads and leftist politicians looked the other way as rioters, looters, and arsonists were recreating the set of Escape from New York. Of course, they also chanted forever about Trump that “no man is above the law” during the bogus impeachment trial, but when anarchists seize 6 blocks of Seattle, well that’s just a loving street fest according to them.

        Thanks for the kind words and remember, the Beast is in trouble with us.

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      • The scenes we have seen both here and the USA are truly disturbing. I think those companies that make these pathetic declarations are so devious. For many years I think we thought that the free market was all we needed for stability and now Globalisation and the media corporations are actually part of the problem, just to cling on to their profits!
        I agree with you about the cities looking like apocalypse films, but with no super heroes , just puny weaklings. The U.K. Isn’t much better either!

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