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Wargames miniatures – a blast from the past!

My regular reader will know that I’m into painting miniatures fast these days. My desk was tidy. It was tidy and ready to start speed painting my Late Romans. But, and there is always a ‘but’, I needed to make ready for the next task after that, Renaissance Spanish. I opened the box and there they were, my Spanish cavalry, veterans of countless battles and scarred by many encounters with the tabletop, floor and sausage fingered players. I soaked their old bases in water and set to work rebasing them for the Despertaferres Miniatures game ( patent pending!)

The years had not been kind but they were twenty five years old at least. I seem to remember the Neopolitans Spanish were a “small” project to test the water of the then new De Bellis Renatis. The Ginetes were like “Viking” in that it is a verb, “to raid”. Adapted from their Moorish adversaries, this style of light horseman was vital to the border skirmishes and larger battles of the Great Reconquista. They carry a heart shaped shield that should be convex. My shields have a suitably battered appearance after too many bends and accidents. The miniatures are Gladiator Games, now sold by Black Hat. The faces are quite blank and my painting of two decades ago wasn’t up to adding the visage.

Gonzalo de Cordoba’s army of 1495 had 500 Ginetes to 100 men at arms. These Old Guard of Castile are the pride of my collection and I would not sell them for the world! Simon Clarke painted these for me one Christmas and I love them! The old guard wore ‘alwhyt’ armour ( uncovered polished steel) with an amazing combination of purples, red and yellow. I added some military order knights to boost their number.

The infantry are on the painting table after the Romans. The Spanish considered it unmanly to tell their soldiers what to wear so that is fine by me. Hopefully I’ll get those done within the next three weeks.

The keen eyed will notice that there is definately a tinge of blue to the Father’s Day painting table. Whilst basing the Spaniards I had to tear open an old bottle to get enough paint. Rather than waste any, I thought I’d make use of the time my sons were practising partisan warfare in the garden to finish my ACW Union troops.

Day one of the Six Colour challenge – Late Romans starts today but it had been a productive weekend! Hope you had a good Father’s Day and see you Wednesday for the quiz!

Miguel Franco de Alvares.


  1. It was fun to read about your old collection and new efforts to give it life. I had many armies of Minifigs, Hinchcliffe and Ral Parthia back in the early 90s and foolishly sold them. I only got back into the hobby in 2014. How I wish I could dust off my earlier efforts. Well done sir.

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    • Thanks Bruce!
      A cautionary tale and no mistake! Everytime I’ve sold something, I’ve regretted it! I hate to say it but I get quite attached to my collection- it’s not just toy soldiers, but records and books too! It must be part of growing old!
      Plenty of time to get collecting and the miniatures now are amazing!

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