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Wargaming; how to reload a magazine!

A strange phenomenon has been observed in my hobby room. I can see the carpet and it was described as “ quite tidy” by my current wife! Strange times indeed…..

Oh my God! There is carpet after all!

Two related thoughts come to mind, namely do I really want to start adding more “ stuff” to the collection? Secondly, I started musing on the utility of the monthly hobby magazine. I would be interested to hear from my readers if they remain regular subscribers to the printed matter..

Boyish enthusiasm replaced by financial angst?

Of course, it’s not just financial angst. One also has to store the magazines somewhere. On several occasions I’ve gone through the shelves throwing out those with no foreseeable relevance to current projects. Cutting out reference material just gives you a pile of vandalised magazines of course.

The survivors who survived the purge!

But, this month’s Wargames Illustrated caused more fear, namely the new project!!!! 2mm Ancients and Brits for Bolt Action? Now I know I’ve changed if I haven’t got at least ten or more new ideas swirling around. The next few weeks I thought to detail the current crop of interests under the title of “ Why we fight ( add system here)

Hungarian Hussars ready for basing
Anglo- Saxon army in a month? Challenge accepted

I do feel quite sorry for magazine publishers these days. The competition with the internet must be hurting circulation but Miniature Wargames and. Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy remain my favourites. Has Covid made me realistic about what can be achieved given albeit self imposed financial and time limits? I’ll refer to the photo below to assure you that the butterfly tendency remains strong.

Pile of shame or inspiration corner?

So the plan is therefore one of realistic target setting in 2022! How do you manage your hobby!? Do you set limits on your spending? Is twelve pounds a month too much for magazines that can add to collectors stress? So many questions; I look forward to hearing your solutions…

Time for a clear out in your hobby space?

All the very best!

Miguel Ferres

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The wild ramblings of an infamous wit and wargames guru. One of nature's true gentlemen who devotes his time to the care of his two sons, i.e. giving realistic tactical advice in Fortnite games, and recreating great moments of military history using inch high toy soldiers. Currently a leading light in the Cardiff Dice Studz who meet regularly at Firestorm Games ( formerly Ali Baba's Carpet Warehouse), Trade Street, Cardiff, sunny Wales, U.K.


  1. Nice to see your room is tidier than mine, but then I do work on my figures in there ( my wife thinks I just sit and watch Youtube and Facebook all day). I have a copy of the same magazine and notice how the price seems to fluctuate when there is a “free gift” on the cover, wonder how much it will be next month. It is a magazine I only buy when there is something interesting (to me ) to read. On a further note, it is sad to see the projected demise of 4ground their models are excellent and there are a number of items on my wish list I will need. Sarissa and Botz are there to bridge the gap but will need “finishing” to the desired finish.

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    • I have to admit that I’ve reached an age when too many projects can add stress and that’s the last thing any of us need. The planning and research for the hobby of course is a big plus. I may revisit those ready “ painted” Wofun flats to get through the projects although contrast paints are revolutionary too!

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  2. templeofthutmos

    Great post! I don’t have any active subscriptions, but when I stop by my local Games Workshop store, if I can’t find any kits to buy, I’ll usually pick up a White Dwarf and a paint pot, just to keep the store supported.

    I find I plan my hobby purchases months in advance. I’ve got my monthly budget, including money set aside for fun. I do find anything left over often goes to the hobby…

    The hobby butterfly is a real beast! Looking forward to the “Why We Fight…” series!

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    • Ahhh a monthly budget; that’s something I should do. I’ve gone for the complete cold Turkey recently and it’s a real pain. I reckon I have about three months of lead to get through and then I’ll hit the trade stalls at Devizes!
      Your idea is much better than my famine followed by feast approach!

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      • templeofthutmos

        Feast and famine was my old approach until the girlfriend saw my credit card statement…

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      • Oh dear!….. that’s definately another factor, the other half!
        Parcels arriving have lead to some quiet afternoons!☠️
        A silent 3d printer may help us in the future perhaps???

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      • Dare I ask for a rough estimate. That annual Wargames survey estimated five hundred a year for the typical gamer? I think I maybe a little over that……

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      • templeofthutmos

        I have actively avoided doing the actual tally haha, but I am for sure “above average.” Most of my hobby stuff (outside of terrain) is on a set of six foot tall, deep utility shelves, and it’s easily north of several thousand dollars from the past seven or so years I’ve been hobbying.

        In fact, come to think of it, I may have to increase my renter’s insurance just to make sure I’m covered there…

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      • We are hoping to move maybe next year and my heart is set on a man cave complete with those map drawers filled with minis! We live in hope!

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      • templeofthutmos

        Sorry – typed a response but I don’t think I hit “send.” I’ve actively avoided calculating the actual annual expenditure, but I would definitely classify myself as “above average” as well…

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      • Funnily enough as I sent the question I saw myself in the divorce courts! I did try and convince my wife that the 15mm minis were ten pence each a few years ago! She wasn’t fooled!!!!☠️

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  3. I have a two article po9licy. If the magazine has two full size articlwes I want to read in the issue I buy it. If it doesn’t I leave it on the shelf at WHSmiths. I don’t buy very many magazines these days… make of that what you will.



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    • Wise policy: it does make you think though? Perhaps the internet will be their doom. I literally spent half an hour reading this last one and tore off an advert from the back page. You did get a sprite of 28mm ww2 minis tho!

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  4. I no longer subscribe to any magazines. Years ago, well before the Internet I used to buy Military Modelling. It was the only way to see what was out there for me but the Internet came along and changed all of that. I don’t set a financial budget but I do try to discipline myself to only buy what I will actually paint and do – doesn’t always work though! 😉.

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    • I think you hit the nail on the head; I think I just miss looking forward to picking up the monthly mag and really enjoying a good read! I notice though that battle reports and project updates have been taken over by blogs and now Facebook/ YouTube!

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  5. That is a tidy room and nice that you have your soft toys on the bed there for company! 😉 I gave up on wargames mags years ago, mainly because they just seemed geared up to present stuff that is in vogue or from larger companies who feel the need to spoon feed their customers (the last thing they want is people thinking for themselves)! As far as a gaming budget’s concerned I’ve spent a lifetime thinking I should have one but have never bothered – my wife would say just buy the stuff you like before someone presses that big red button on their desk marked “Do not press”!

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    • Haha: the room is actually laughingly called my daughters bedroom!!!!! Well there is her bed!!!!
      I do wonder if the current roller coaster of new items is alienating as many as it attracts. I wonder how long lasting will Silver Bullet, Frostgrave etc, etc….
      I deliberately didn’t buy other titles which were just full of wild and wacky!

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  6. TWR

    Interesting post. I also stopped purchasing magazines many years ago with the exception Slingshot. Too expensive and mostly articles that were too shallow or of no interest to me. The funds instead being bolstering my historical library. Six months ago however I subscribed to WSS via an electronic subscription. The verdict is still out on this magazine.

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    • It’s an interesting bind for magazines; too much depth and they lose the casual reader and too much eye candy and they lose the period experts. I stopped buying Slingshot after a series of ten page article on Plantagenet baggage trains!!! There must be some kind of middle ground!


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