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Wargames armies- seeing the elephant!

Designed to spread havoc and break up solid formations of troops, the war-elephant has a special place amongst wargamers. You simply haven’t lived until your  proto tank hasn’t turned on your own troops in a fit of rage in its final throes. If you haven’t invested in a mahout’s chisel then it’s time to prepare because young man about time Jack Suprano has been busy painting elephants this lock-down….

You may know Jack from his own 40k/ Bolt Action blog ( wargamingmyway to a happy life). He has the ability to churn out models by the tonne and these literally do compare with the monsters of World War Two that are his usual fare. He has however stuck with Warlord models. It is on Jack’s advice that I have changed my painting regime. Jack recommended that you use Games Workshop paints for lighter colours and Vallejo for dark hues. I’m sick and tired of countless coats of oily Valleyo before a good coverage is reached, so give it a try.

The elephant armour is basecoated with GW Balthasar Gold, then Agrax earth shade, followed by Retribution armour. A final highlight of silver really makes these miniatures pop! 

For the curious the accompanying infantryman is a Spartan with a head swap. And young Jack shows little sign of slowing down. The elephants will tramp off to battle along side these brilliant Companions.

I better get a move on with my Bactrian Greeks if I am not to be trampled all over! My thanks to Jack for letting us see his latest masterpieces and we look forward to seeing him on the battlefields in the near future.

Miguel Sanchez 


  1. I just went back over the elephant armour method as I was so impressed Mike, so much so that I have jotted down the recipe!! They are so well painted ! thanks for that mate.

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