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Kings of War- Iron resolve versus inspirational leadership!

The weeks after our annual Godendag bash have been busy with hobby related matters but significantly few games! This hobby of ours does tend to send us off on tangents and the much lamented side- projects. So in no particular order I thought I’d write up our last Kings of War Historical clash and slip in the latest hobby information. I’ll return to my own performance at Godendag later this week…..

Steve Timjim doesn’t from such dalience, he is a painting machine. He brought along his Punic Wars collection and that meant rock hard legionaries versus Celtic strongmen. The ‘iron-resolve’ rule does give the Republican legions the ability to recover their nerve each turn. Steve chose the Celtic hordes and they would rely on charismatic leaders.

I had superbly disciplined and flexible troops, the supermen of the ancient world. My plan was to form them all up into a massive fist and smash through the barbarians!

Obviously Steve had spotted my brilliant plan and decided to swamp me with his effeminate woad wearers! That upset me and forced me to rethink. The column did a left turn and created a refused flank. I tried to pretend it was my intention all along. The ever nervous John G headed for the trees in disgust. He was going to be the first to clash with the sreaming chariots.

My left wing commander does get a little nervous when manoeuvring. He finds the weight of the figures heavy and decision making an onerous chore. But, in this case it was exactly the right thing to do. The Roman auxillaries poured javelins on the Celts and the impetuous chariots were lured into a rash charge.

We needed time to stop the barbarian horde from recusing their nobles. I ordered John to send his cavalry in! He made a strange gurgle and looked I’ll. He picked up the Roman horse unit, then replaced it. He asked Steve if he thought it wise! He went a strange colour and asked me for clarification…..

The Roman equites charged! What could go wrong?

Many gamers blame their dice and many gamers are wrong! John blamed his dice and closed his eyes……..

The equites missed every attack. I did tell him that he had been very rash in going through with the charge! He wasn’t amused! All along the line now our stout hearted legionaries faced violent but piecemeal attacks.

Steve’s general’s were everywhere forcing frustrating rerolls upon us but Mars had chosen who would be victorious! Our line held and the tribesmen fell amongst the sacrificed Equites. Kings of War provided a real knockabout game and with Steve’s collection, the table was a joy to behold. The units were made of our usual ADLG 60mm squares and that started me thinking…. But that’s next week’s post! We have submitted all the forms to Firestorm for Godendag 2021 and next year looks to be even better, with ADLG in 25mm and 15mm, plus the welcome return of DBM. All to be revealed very soon but until then, thank you for reading!

The very rash Jonus Maximus Rashness and Steve “does that mean I lost” Porter!


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