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Mother’s Day- the case for the defence!

In my last article, we discussed the maximum price we could or should pay for our miniature obsession. The result of such deliberation was of course the ten pound rule- when one considers the use to which we put our miniature heroes, that seems about right for first class brush work. So it’s Monday night and I ‘ve just blown all my spending money on three models………

In my defence, I have prepared the following…..

1. It’s Mother’s Day and my dearest mother is already catered for, namely a hand painted birds house from ASDAs.

2. My God, Mr. Chevalier has painted the eyes! And they don’t look like the Walt Disney style ones that I barely managed twenty year’s ago! What I thought was scrim on my minis, is actually a pair of goggles on these beauties.

3. It’s not one model, it’s a group!

4. Actually it’s four models if you count the mortar tube! And the ….erm….rocks!

5. The other purchases are two separate models…

6. Not just eyes, my South African friend has painted creases…

7. I’ve never painted a crease!

8. You can see the wings on the Eagle insignia…

9. I couldn’t paint the wings on a 28mm eagle

10. I couldn’t paint the wings on a real bloody eagle!

In short, I am very happy! My blogosphere friends had recommended that my newly painted SS troops “needed” a mortar and now they have one. I don’t need to go out this month and the child allowance is due soon so don’t worry about me. My own painting to show later this week. Oh dear I may never want to carry on with my own efforts after seeing these lot!

Thanks for reading

Miguel Ferres



      • Community? “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”.

        It’s tiny, all over the place and most of it I simply don’t know to be honest.


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      • Well that’s South Africa covered then ! 😉

        If I can bare to speak to my father this weekend, I must ask where he worked. In the gold mines somewhere? He did have a farm in South Africa but apparently all his workers ran away!

        Next week we must cover somewhere really exotic like Scotland !

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  1. Ann

    A good question, how much? One with many answers. To me, whatever I can afford and think they are worth. Very pretty miniatures too, I must say.

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      • Ann

        Well what you have to do is what traders and hagglers have done for thousands of years. “Yeah, they are pretty nice miniatures considering how old and outdated they are. I guess I might want them for nostalgia purposes and all, but only if the price were right. Otherwise I could just buy the new stuff if I wanted to pay retail.” 🙂


  2. There are two sides to this coin: what you are willing to pay for a painted miniature, vs. what you would *like* to be paid for painting that same miniature. The two are not necessarily the same.

    Consider the mortar team above. Basic cost, bare metal: about £7. Time for me to paint it (clean-up, undercoat, paint, varnish and base): about 11 hrs work time (for me – that will of course vary by person). Say 3.5hrs per figure, plus a bit for basing, etc….how much would you charge for doing that? And the more important question: will the market pay what you ask, or what you think is a fair price? The two are seldom the same number.

    Here is good video by Luke on the mater which may illuminate some issues on the matter:


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  3. Wise words- a few pals are trying to earn a living at painting and trading and it’s not easy. Sobering thought to break it down per hour- great comment!


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