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Wargaming World War in 2D

In a bid to support my local gaming store, I felt it my civic duty to purchase fifty pounds worth of goods. Amongst the haul was, of course a number of Contrast Paints from GW but also this intriguing little package……

For just over ten pounds, Battlefront give you all you need to fight the massive river crossing battles of the Bagraton campaign at the closing stages of World War Two in the East. They are of course perfectly serviceable in Normandie as the Heer defend against Western forces.

The “markers” are well made of hard cardboard. I know a lot of wargamers distain the use of 2D but lacking a table at home, the portability ( is that even a word?), is a great plus. They remind me of the Heroes of Normandie boardgame, again superb quality and 15mm. The pack contains minefields and dug in turrets, for ten pounds they are a great buy unless you intend fighting a lot of river crossings or beach assaults. The Remagen bridge set came out a few years ago now, but is of a similar high quality. One day I will get round to fighting across the Rhine…..

The above is a 20mm plastic kit. Massive when compared to the cardboard equivalent but a fitting objective for the club Saving Private Ryan mega game. The Battlefront landing craft were so cute, I had to buy five, and three Higgins boats, and ….erm….a L.C.T………

I’ll always the argument/ discussion about whether the opening massacre of the assaulting Americans was “realistic”. We never did decide whether bullets can do any harm underwater……..I must admit to preferring models but the pack is great value and quality.

Talking about water, the Battlefront set also gives you a four foot long and one foot wide river. Now this will prove useful in just about every scenario and system. Again, it is well printed and, if you can ignore the folds, very pleasing to the eye. In addition you get six boat markers and three crossing points/ bridges.

Flames of War gave us so many great games, I definitely need to get organising a game after lockdown. Their products are always great quality, we may be fighting on the beaches in the near future. Big Don Mc Hugh has been busy putting the finishing touches to new D-Day and beyond scenarios for Rapid Fire Reloaded. I would imagine that cardboard terrain would have Don coughing and spluttering but for us lesser mortals, a welcome addition.


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