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The Wednesday Quiz- Tanks for the memory ( sorry!)

Honours are tied at the top of the leaders’ table. Today’s topic is of course Armoured fighting vehicles and I expect the competition to be fierce. As we have so many experts in the competition, I will award bonus points for those who can site the exact designation and year. Rivet counters are welcome to quibble but the umpire is the ultimate arbiter.

Number One – Early War and out of its depth?

Number two – a beast of guerre

Number three- often underestimated but a real workhorse.

Number four

A name  made in Mexico and Flanders ( my bad)

Number five- the claws of the Beast but how big is that gun!?

Number six- light and fast and was still a visitor to Vietnam..

Number seven- the cavalry horse reborn

Number eight- left in France!?

Number nine- Men of steel and hulls of?

Number ten- what type are you?

Number eleven- just a peek, causing controversy in London

Number twelve- Bigger , brighter and on an island where?

Thanks for taking part! It’s the last day of the six day challenge and yees they are finished! Thirty figures in four days is possible even with an unforgiving wife! Pictures tomorrow, plus Uncle Ken’s advice for those considering wargaming for their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Best wishes

Miguel de Sanchez de Olivarez


  1. Peter

    Really poor on Soviets and Japanese so my guess are mostly the easy ones

    2Char B
    3 PzIII an early one with short 50mm so J? Could be H
    4Chaffy? Only know it’s not a Sherman
    5T34 85
    6really not sure Jackson?
    7 M3 Stuart
    8 Vickers
    9Small Italian job L6?
    10 not a clue
    11 Churchill can’t tell which type
    12 Japanese but I don’t know what.

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  2. Ok, great challenge!

    Here we go:

    1. Vickers 7TP (several countries)
    2. Char B1 bis (France)
    3. Panzer III (maybe ausf L here?) – Germany
    4. M24 Chaffee – my grandfather’s tank. Many countries still have these.
    5. T-34/76 – USSR
    6. M24 Chaffee – my grandfather’s tank – again.
    7. M3 Stuart – predecessor to the M24
    8. Mark VI (UK/Commonwealth)
    9. M13/40 – Italy.
    10. Type 95 Ha-go (Japan)
    11. Churchill (UK and Commonwealth)
    12. Type 97 Chi-Ha (Japan)

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  3. A bit easy this one…

    1. Soviet T-26 (look like an obr 1933 model)
    2. French Char B-1
    3. German Panzer III (early model, vehicle in Saumur I think? Looks like an Ausf H or later due the front drive wheel, but with applique armour to front plate so might be concealing the ball-mount hull MG of an Ausf J: bolted armour on the front tends to say Ausf H though, and an older-pattern Ausf G rear rear idler).
    4. M42 Chaffee (did you mean an M26 Pershing to be here? tsk tsk…)
    5. T-34/85 (late pattern squared fenders/mud guards)
    6. M42 Chaffee
    7. M5A1 Stuart
    8. Vickers Mk VI B
    9. Italian L6/40
    10. Japanese Type 95 “Ha-Go”
    11. British Churchill (looks like a lip on the turret, so possible a Mk VII or later but not enough of the picture to tell…)
    12. Japanese Type 97 “Chi-Ha” (late turret upgrade with new 47mm armament, designated “Chi-Ha Kai” or “Shinhoto”)

    I don’t even know why I know half of this stuff.

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      • I won’t do nearly as well….Modern tanks are all about sloped armour and efficiency…quite boring by comparison with earlier stuff. I like tanks with odd angled edges, large rivets and character: we’ll never see their like again


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      • It maybe a bit Weird but long may it continue. I’m always quite taken a back by their size. When you get the chance to see some up close- they are tiny ( certainly in comparison with modern monsters). I wonder if people will feel the same affection for drones in the future!?
        Well done on your victory!


  4. OK, here we go!
    1 – T-26 Model 33
    2 – Char B1 bis (later turret & gun)
    3 – Panzer III Ausf H at a guess with the shorter 50mm and stand-off armour
    4 – M26A1 Pershing
    5 – T-34/85, looks like a 1945 model but with post war mudguards and stowage
    6 – M24 Chaffee
    7 – M5A1 Stuart
    8 – Mk VI B
    9 – L6/40
    10 – Type 95 Ha Go
    11 – Churchill VII at a guess on mark
    12 – Type 97 kai Shinhoto Chi Ha

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