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Polish Missiles!

This Friday we welcome a certain Mr. Whitby to Firestorm Carpets LGS and Grill. He comes with a certain “baggage”, namely he knows the rules. We frown on people who know the rules of L’art de la Guerre in Cardiff. Unlike the emigre community of… Read More

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French Leave

Five weeks with little to do except work, proper work. How many sadly neglected blogs blame ‘real life’? But, this is the Tercio’s blog so we can’t blame work commitments, rather we choose to probe deeper…….Yes, only yours truly would blame existential angst as the… Read More

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Border Flurry

Being Welsh it must be accepted that the longbow was our creation. Being a generous folk, we gave our wonder weapon to our dear friends, the English. Being fed up with incessant Scottish invasions, our English chums set out to invade the land of tartan,… Read More

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Games workshop to the rescue!

Verb: Doing a Meghan……..definition: ignoring or dropping past friendships after becoming famous Verb: Doing a Richard……..definition: forgetting tabletop gaming and going all online  Well one of the above should now be a thing of the past! Over a year ago I was extolling the virtues… Read More

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War-gods of Slimbridge

Three months have passed since my last tournament, so it was with some trepidation that we entered the lair of the Beast, the Tudor Arms, Slimbridge, for a three round L’art de la Guerre competition. 120 points  gives you a decent sized game that can… Read More

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Kings of War Historical- Outrageous slings and arrows!

The omens didn’t look good for Rome. Massed spear regiments formed the centre of the Greek line but it would be a more mundane troop type that would be my undoing. Read on as Patrician Rome bites off more than it can chew! We are… Read More

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Rebels and Patriots- Time changes everything, and nothing!

Saturday mornings forty years ago, off to the cinema with the boys from the flats. More fun was to be had throwing coins at the safety curtain that preceded the film, and hearing all the new swear words that the commissioner directed toward the missile… Read More

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Kings of War – One man army

The perfect wargame? A game that looks the part and captures the drama of battle. Armies that are collectable and rules that are understandable. A set of rules that are good fun to play. Is this possible? Are the toy soldier general’s searching in vane.… Read More

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Collecting or Hoarding? The treatment of dead enemies

There must come a stage in a person’s life when one considers “meaning”. I must admit being drawn to the Hoarders series on Discovery. Endless episodes detail the traumatic experiences that have led to, what must be, a good proportion of Americans to literally be… Read More