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Painting the lead with Contrast paints

A hot topic of conversation amongst gamers has long been how to get new blood into an ageing demographic. Are younger players really going to commit to the time and effort necessary to paint three hundred miniatures? Is the busy family man going to be… Read More

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Wargames miniature painting- Disaster on the Aventine

They do say that it’s better not to compare yourself with others. Rather, compare yourself to how you were last week, last month or last year even. I’ve been painting figures for best part of forty years and I had fallen in love with Aventine… Read More

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Miniatures painting- The Mark Clarke Diaries

This Friday it’s a glimpse into the wargames cupboard of Mr. Mark ” baby-face” Clarke. Feast your eyes on everything from scary clowns to ninja ambushers……. Mark wrote; “It’s  a testing period, but at least it’s given some time to work on projects. I’ve always… Read More

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Games workshop to the rescue!

Verb: Doing a Meghan……..definition: ignoring or dropping past friendships after becoming famous Verb: Doing a Richard……..definition: forgetting tabletop gaming and going all online  Well one of the above should now be a thing of the past! Over a year ago I was extolling the virtues… Read More

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I love being off work! Am I ready to retire ? Yes. Are my finances ready for me to retire? God, no! There’s a lot to be said though for doing what you like doing! Don’t worry this is not one of those blogs that… Read More

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Wargames painting – I can see clearly now!

Historians have written about the great turning points of history. The development of grass- seed in Mesopotamia , the three field system, the steam engine , all these maybe described as ‘transformational!’ But, were they really? Can they really compare with the revolutionary potential of… Read More