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Match Action Rules Summary- Bolt Action Variant

Thanks to all those who have shown such an interest in our Seventeenth century variant. For the most part, we have used the Bolt Action rules as they stand. As is usual with our Tercio, the rules are very much “under development”. My personal thanks… Read More

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Episode Two, Robin Hood and the Convoy

In this week’s exciting episode, those cunning Normans are at it again. Duke Roger’s minions are escorting Saracen hostage takers to Nottingham Castle but first they have to negotiate Sherwood Forest. Chris and I were more than ready to give a Roger a taste of… Read More

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The Colonies Aflame!

They do say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This Thursday’s scenario appeared very ‘modern’. The British colonial forces are sent to investigate a local centre of rebellion. The rebels are also looking for ‘tongues’ in the village. Ken had written… Read More