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S.A.G.A. : An army in a week; week two!

Forty years and not a miniature figure ready for the tabletop. “Pull yourself together man!” I said. “ You could be ready in a week!”The challenge was set! Could a very average gamer like myself get four SAGA points of figures ready in just seven… Read More

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S.A.G.A. Age of Hannibal; a review

Ancient wargames rules are a lot like buses, only smaller! When Little Wars T.v. released a mass  battle wargames ruleset entitled “Age of Hannibal” , at the exactly the same time as Tomahawk Studios skirmish set, I knew that it meant trouble. We sent our… Read More

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The SAGA continues !

AETIUS and ARTHUR and AGE of IVASIONS The final part of my foray into SAGA this time covers the SAGA Universe, Aetius and Arthur and is then completed with short descriptions of the two books I do not have, The Age of Crusades and The… Read More

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SAGA : the Age of Vikings

Part three of Ken’s in depth analysis of a Wargames system you cannot afford to miss……. This time I will just look at the first (even though it was published after Aetius and Arthur) of what Gripping beast calls their SAGA Universes, this gives a… Read More