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Friday Night Kali Yuga

It’s been a very long time since some of these veteran gamers had convened at Cardiff’s Firestorm Games but it was the first Friday on the month and that means Kali Yuga night! Named after the fourth and worst period of the Hindu Yugas, the… Read More

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L’Art de la Guerre V4- Evolution versus revolution

By Dave Lowrie of the Bath Dice Studz This week has been a joyous one amongst the tribes, ADLG v4 arrived in the first post after the bank holiday! Don Miguel Bin Al Dween, Coronel of the Grand Tercio de Catalunya y Radyr and Lord… Read More

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My kingdom for a horse…….

I blame Mark Fry for what follows. In he comes with several thousand pounds worth of mounted knight miniatures. “Why don’t you dismount your Knights”, sneered the elfin Andy D’unwin? “Cos, I ain’t got none” was my poor reposte. But I did, twenty years ago… Read More