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Wargaming mini dramas

I look with fear that the new Pulp Figures 1066 range will include minis in “tight formation”. Just as the Tercio is switching to diorama basing, the punter is offered neat ranks. My new Romans are so anxious to get into the fight that they… Read More

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Wargames painting – on an industrial scale!

It was the unlamented Leon Trotsky who would exhaust himself trying to refute an argument and then adopt it as his own. Not quite as destructive has been my conversion to plastic Wargames miniatures. Gripping Beast are in my opinion the industry leaders at the… Read More

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Caputt Porci- The West in Danger

Constantius, Emperor of the East, may have been feeling quite pleased with his victories but the West was in a state of despair. Their loss against the usurper had forced a change in Ravenna. No more would they rely on allies, the West would be… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre- Brief Encounters

Now that corderoy trousers and tank tops have peaked, the latest trend in the Berk-ley Vale fens is L’art de la Guerre 120 points. Slimbridge was the venue and a motley crew of veterans had assembled. The rules are a free download from the official… Read More

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Late, late Romans

There’s a special feeling to be had when you finally complete a wargames army. You have done the research, smuggled the books past the wife, poured over the websites and finally prepared the miniature army. After a few false starts, like ordering far too many… Read More