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Virtus 2018

VIRTUS 2018 – Early Classical Period (650 BC to 104 BC inclusive) – 200 points and 28mm scale (please note: Chris Jackson!) Armies can be selected from the following army lists only: no Ancient Period armies 38 Early Macedonian 39 Alexandrian Macedonian 40 Alexander the… Read More

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Trojan Horses and Muslim Camel/Elephants

Three and a half thousand years old, and a little over an inch and a half in length, the Pylos Combat Agate has stunned historians. In an age without microscopes and precision tools, it shows a detailed understanding of the human body and movement that… Read More

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Godendag 2018- To be perfectly Frank…..

A great weekend of 15mm LadG doubles was had by Steve & I over at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. The event was of course, Godendag, the Tercio’s annual tribute to our spiritual sensei, Richard Bodley Scott This years Godendag was 300pts of 15mm armies drawn… Read More