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Wargames treasure; hidden in plain sight

In a cigar box in an Aberdeen museum lay a few pieces of old wood. This week, a keen archivist realised the importance of these few shards. The wood was cedar wood and put together they made that most humdrum of items, a ruler. Long… Read More

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Flames of War- America’s Rottweilers versus the Sitzkrieg!

My regular reader will know I have limited my model buying to one a month. It’s a start to avoid making an appearance on Hoarders. Now that’s one diecasts a month and last month’s Elefant should really count as two. Anyhow, there was a time,… Read More

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The Tercio- “too old and too useless!?”

A wargames army where even the commanding officer has his doubts? An impulsive purchase relights an old love! ” The junior officers, n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were not so suitable. The n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were taken from static batteries on the coast and on… Read More

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Embers of War

How time passes… have spent all weekend wargaming and then the anti- climax of the settee and Come Dancing/ X-factor/ Downton re-runs. But we hard core gamers aren’t attracted to sequins and heaving bodices, we are made of sterner stuff, it’s off to Firestorm Carpets… Read More