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Bolt Action Variant : Match Action

This bank holiday I’m in need of a change, but a game that is not too taxing on the old locked-down grey matter. In a desperate attempt to motivate myself into getting my English Civil War painting done, I thought we might try a skirmish… Read More

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Marston Moor at Bristol Independent Gaming

What better way to round off a pretty topsy-turvey year with the biggest game I’ve ever played in. Ten players, thirty two foot wide table and a whole day of gaming. Big Don had done all the legwork, building on the work of David Burrows… Read More

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Fog in Cardiff

I sat riveted to the President’s D- day speech, no one could not have been impressed by Mr. Trump’s words. If only ill health had not prevented him from upholding those values in Vietnam. I watched our own former education minister make his bid to… Read More

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The Pikeman’s Lament : Glamorganshire aflame!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The English Civil War has re-ignited and a small but determined force of Royalists, disgruntled Parliamentarians from Tenby, and brow- beaten farmers’ sons from West Wales are heading towards Cardiff. However, their movements have not… Read More

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The Pikeman’s Lament Wargames Rules

Two regular contributors from our vast “movement” have been vocal in their opposition to my new policy of cutbacks on my toy military. I devote what follows to my dear friends Ann and Louen….. Spending Thursday away from work with an ill son meant that… Read More

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The Battle of Beacon Hill 1643

What better way to spend an Easter holiday than pushing toy soldiers around the table? The Cardiff Care in the Community programme provided the antagonists and Mr. James Churchill emptied out his toy cupboard for the amazing miniatures. The rules used were Warlord’s “Pike and… Read More