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Can wargaming ever be justified?

Please read below our club response to the decision of the so called “right-reverend”Hugh Dispenser , Vicar and custodian of Morgansdown Church Hall, to decline our application for club residency on “pacifist” grounds…. Dear “Vicar”, The fundamental principle underlying all justifications of wargaming, from the… Read More

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WofUN 2D Warriors- clunk, click every slip!

It’s not very often that I don’t post on my blog. The virus panicdemic has finally laid the family low. I’ve been shielding at home, my niece has been hospitalised and the boys haven’t done more than ten straight days in school. Christmas is down… Read More

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Wargames Philosophy

Three weeks back in work and the time has flown. Quarter past eleven yesterday evening and I’m preparing a work presentation. My good lady wife asks who I am and what I have done with her husband………. I tried explaining to her that I had… Read More

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Wargames figures- the six colour challenge

Despite being in my fifth decade I still love my toy soldiers. Any casual reader may have guessed that from this blog but what exactly is there to “love” about miniatures? As a boy you had the colour and noise of imaginary battles. As an… Read More

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Lord Unwin’s Model Soldier Boudoir

The first in an occasional series whereby the members of the Tercio are allowed behind the curtains of Andrew Unwin’s hobby coterie. We may be financially embarrassed in comparison but God bless him for this opportunity. As my old Grandmother used to say, ” Time… Read More

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De Bellis Antiquitatis- Fortune’s Wheel

To some gamers it’s all about tournaments and intense competition. Increasingly my enjoyment from the hobby comes from a less frantic atmosphere. What could be better than locking the children in the garden, sending the wife to her small bore rifle practice and setting up… Read More