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Wargaming the Madness!

How difficult can organising a wargames competition be? Well, the answer would be,” not too difficult”, were we not in the last week of Covid panic. But we have three tournaments running, the prizes are bought and we are full steam ahead to next Saturday!… Read More

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Last night, another soldier….

A CENTURION OF THE THIRTIETH Cities and Thrones and PowersStand in Time’s eye,Almost as long as flowers,Which daily die.But, as new buds put forthTo glad new men,Out of the spent and unconsidered EarthThe Cities rise again.This season’s Daffodil,She never hearsWhat change, what chance, what chill,Cut… Read More

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Farewell your majesty

Who’d have thought it? I have finally stopped calling myself a royalist! My attachment to nobility remains but the events of this week have just been too hysterical! In a “ pandemic”, 50 thousand of the great and good have descended on Glasgow to tell… Read More

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Godendag 2022 The Thirty Year`s War

It gives me great pleasure to announce the full details of the 2022 Field of Glory Renaissance competition. Tickets available from Firestorm Games this week! 15mm FOG RENAISSANCE SINGLES COMPETITION January 2022 Venue: The South Wales Gaming Centre, Firestorm Games, Sloper Road, Cardiff,CF11 8DE (029… Read More

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Wargaming the Byzantine Art of War with Mark Fry

Well …. my first face to face L’art de la Guerre 28mm competition gaming in over 18 months, courtesy of Keith McGlynn*, was enjoyed on Sunday at the Thornbury IPMS show. We managed three games of one hundred points LadG, to the new v.4 rules… Read More

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Friday Night Kali Yuga

It’s been a very long time since some of these veteran gamers had convened at Cardiff’s Firestorm Games but it was the first Friday on the month and that means Kali Yuga night! Named after the fourth and worst period of the Hindu Yugas, the… Read More