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Blucher: it will be all over by Christmas!

I’ve been most impressed by the new breed of wargamer. This hurts me to say this. If you peruse the Beasts of War site, Breakthrough assault, or any such worthies you find earnest young men knocking off projects in weeks, days sometimes….. Well the Despertaferres… Read More

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Black Powder Insult!

This evening’s game was one of my notorious ACW scenarios. I must thank Civil for the inspiration, I spend far too long on their superb webpages. The battle descriptions and maps are terrific! As the definition would suggest, the attacker must act quickly to… Read More

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Tarleton’s Blunder!

Part Two of the Battle of Camden The remorseless Brish pincer movement didn’t dent the Americans’ confidence. Volley after volley tore through the redcoats. The Maryland continentals were prooving more than a match for their loyalist adversaries. Horatio Gates even had the audacity to order… Read More