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Society of Ancients Batteday 2018: Paraetacene 317B.C.

Our roving reporter, Mark Fry elucidates…….😳 1).The Antigonid line left to right – that is some Phalanx! With Rodger, the games organiser studying his Armati measuring sticks.   Saturday 7th April saw the Sycamore Hall in Bletchley crowded with the great and the good of… Read More

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Starting Over

Getting back into routine after the Summer has been hard. So many demands on our time and sometimes hobbies have to get pushed to the back of the to-do queue. It’s half way through September and I have a bit of a backlog. Don’t fret… Read More

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Justinian and the Reconquest of the East (delayed)

Today is the second anniversary of trading at Bristol Independent Gaming. No other excuse was needed for the Tercio to send their legendary L’art de la Guerre display team to the heart of the West country’s wargaming world. The store has a well stocked retail… Read More

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The Victory Secrets of Despertaferres….

With apologies to Wess Roberts, PhD……. In my line of work one is often faced with tearful teenagers. For some, it might be their home situation or a lost romance that is causing the problem. For others they may fret about turning on their mobile… Read More