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All roads lead to Paris

Some wargamers need to control elite forces that slice through all toy opposition. Some wargamers need to attack the opposing toy army in order to show their “manliness”. But when you need to recreate the chaos and confusion of a desperate defence, you need Chris… Read More

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Cardiff Time Commanders 

It can’t be too much longer before us model soldier tabletop gamers will be replaced. Monday night saw the welcome reappearance of Time Commanders to our televisions. I absolutely love this programme and now that it has embraced diversity……Well, you can imagine my delight. Such… Read More

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Virtus 2016 The Heroes and Villains

The results from Virtus 2016 Points score after player name First Place. Steve ” the sledgehammer” Price 305  Second place: Steve Hacker 303  Third Place :David Allen 295  4th Whitby, Andrew 291  5th McHugh, Don 277  6th Dennis, John 271  7th Unwin, Andrew 263  8th… Read More

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Virtus 2016, competitors who don’t know how to spell the word “defeet”

To be in the company of such men is humbling. Was it James ‘the Monk’ Mattis who said, ” the most important 28mms on a wargames table is between your ears. ” They came from near and far to do battle in Virtus 2016, and… Read More