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It’ll be all over by Christmas!

Isn’t it amazing how when you  are trying to avoid something, everything else grows in importance. Virtus is a week away and I should be painting camels, Early Arab camels. I should be painting camels but a parcel arrived. Wargamers will know that the arrival… Read More

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Flats Standard

Why do grown men enjoy painting and gaming with toy soldiers? Surely one of the great attractions is to recreate, in an admittedly modest way, the great moments of history. How many non-gamers have actually heard of Bonaparte’s crossing of the Alps before sweeping away… Read More

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Longstreet- local assistance?

As I approach my fiftieth year, I must try to be more accepting. One game of Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet and I was crest fallen. It was the third time I had seen a swamp appear in the card driven mechanism in successive games I had… Read More

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You’ll have to indulge me on this one, a chance encounter got me all nostalgic. Dangerous when you are nearly fifty….. The phone rang, my wife rolled her eyes, and I was off for another game. I hadn’t been to Nick’s house before, so I… Read More