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Cerignola 1503 

When  you are recreating Cannae, Agincourt or the Somme, in order to get semblance of what happened, you need an opponent who will be so obliging as to charge blindingly forward. Mr C Jackson is such a man…… However, on seeing wall to wall entrenchments… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre Unholy War 

They say that all is fair in love and war. A certain Mr. Hayes certainly thinks so! Mr. Hayes deployed his effette Fatamids army around the oasis. His Ghulams watched the flank of his host, but where was his corps of Syrian lancers? The brilliant… Read More

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Michael Potter

What a great phrase is “to potter”. Nothing can be finer than just having time to finish all those little jobs. I can’t take claim for Prospero’s brushwork but I did attach the flag! My wife perhaps unkindly pointed out that Richard III was a… Read More

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D.B.A. El Cantar de Pedro the Cruel Parte 2

Cruel Inheritance The deceased King of Castile left his son with a kingdom and a whole host of problems. The young Pedro had taken the advice of his father’s trusted chief minister, Juan de Alonso de Albuquerque but the relationship was becoming strained. Albuququerque had… Read More

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Mayday, May-day………

Sometimes only your best friends can tell you the truth! As I was walking around Salute last Saturday, RobJ manhandled me away from a vendor with the sensitive words, Mike you really aren’t going to live long enough to paint them all! Well, I didn’t… Read More