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Michael Potter

What a great phrase is “to potter”. Nothing can be finer than just having time to finish all those little jobs. I can’t take claim for Prospero’s brushwork but I did attach the flag! My wife perhaps unkindly pointed out that Richard III was a… Read More

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The Enemy At the Gate: Despertaferres read of the week

“The harassed wife dropped her Next carrier bags at the front door. Deftly she pushed open the door and beheld the sight…..”What the hell are you ordering now!!! ” she shrieked! ” oh nothing darling, they are for Rob’s birthday……” We gamers know of course… Read More

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The Battle of Beacon Hill 1643

What better way to spend an Easter holiday than pushing toy soldiers around the table? The Cardiff Care in the Community programme provided the antagonists and Mr. James Churchill emptied out his toy cupboard for the amazing miniatures. The rules used were Warlord’s “Pike and… Read More