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Attack 2018- The Earth destroys its fools!

It was Sunday and the faithful were worried. A victory over the Byzantine infidel had been followed by a loss to the barbarian Vandals. Next up came the heretical army of Al-Abbas ibn Adb al- Muttalib, a.k.a. Steve Hacker. Regulars will know the name, he… Read More

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Attack Wargames Show 2018- A.D.H.D. In Devizes

“I see that these people know nothing about war!” Devizes Wargames Show marks the start of Summer for yours truly. It’s a first class, characterful venue, despite being a school. Mr. Mackie and chums do an excellent job in organising the event, and I wouldn’t… Read More

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Trojan Horses and Muslim Camel/Elephants

Three and a half thousand years old, and a little over an inch and a half in length, the Pylos Combat Agate has stunned historians. In an age without microscopes and precision tools, it shows a detailed understanding of the human body and movement that… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre- Learning Curve

Life isn’t a single win at all costs game. Rather, it is a whole series of linked games where it really does matter how one played the game. The trick of winning is therefore to learn from your mistakes. You need to want to win… Read More

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Clash of Giants- The Battle of Jutland 2018

A clash of Giants indeed!  Our most prolific correspondent Mark Fry reports from the Slimbridge refight…….. 1]. The British Admirals – drinking tea- with the Grand Fleet just visible on the horizon in front of them The 31st of May – 1st June 1916 witnessed,… Read More