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Pony Wars; it looks like B company is coming back!

Disclaimer: This article was shamelessly lifted from by a well known wargames expert with no actual figures of his own. The said urchin has no intention of buying this set of rules or indeed spending any of his own valuable time preparing and painting… Read More

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Wargaming the Sport of Kings

I always love reading about all those new projects that wargamers keep amassing. The next project is always “the” one to surpass all others. The next one has everything until of course, the next new project. That alas maybe the fate of the majority but… Read More

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Wargames miniatures – a blast from the past!

My regular reader will know that I’m into painting miniatures fast these days. My desk was tidy. It was tidy and ready to start speed painting my Late Romans. But, and there is always a ‘but’, I needed to make ready for the next task… Read More

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Fast play American Civil War Rules- Firepower

Editor’s note: We were all set. Blucher and its Chamberlain variant for the largest battles, and Bolt- action variant “Colt- action” for 28mm skirmishes. But Uncle Ken is from a different school, steeped in history and a dewey eye when he sees old school rank… Read More

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Lord Unwin’s Model Soldier Boudoir

The first in an occasional series whereby the members of the Tercio are allowed behind the curtains of Andrew Unwin’s hobby coterie. We may be financially embarrassed in comparison but God bless him for this opportunity. As my old Grandmother used to say, ” Time… Read More

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Wargames armies- seeing the elephant!

Designed to spread havoc and break up solid formations of troops, the war-elephant has a special place amongst wargamers. You simply haven’t lived until your  proto tank hasn’t turned on your own troops in a fit of rage in its final throes. If you haven’t… Read More

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Wargaming with 6mm- Basing the Timjim way!

Most gamers like to paint their miniatures. Most gamers hate to base their miniatures. My regular reader will know of my disasters that include finding something the cat had deposited in my sandbox, after I’d based a whole Arab army with the “mix!”Steve Timjim is… Read More

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6mm. Napoleonics “Quick as a Flash!”

What follows is the legendary brush maestro Steve Timjin’s guide to getting amazing results for these micro minis. Steve never fails to impress the Tercio with both the speed and quality of his output. So this time it’s over to our guest writer to lead… Read More

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Marston Moor at Bristol Independent Gaming

What better way to round off a pretty topsy-turvey year with the biggest game I’ve ever played in. Ten players, thirty two foot wide table and a whole day of gaming. Big Don had done all the legwork, building on the work of David Burrows… Read More

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Rebels and Patriots- Time changes everything, and nothing!

Saturday mornings forty years ago, off to the cinema with the boys from the flats. More fun was to be had throwing coins at the safety curtain that preceded the film, and hearing all the new swear words that the commissioner directed toward the missile… Read More