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Wargaming the great divide!

I started wargaming before the first GW space marine landed! I was at least in my late twenties when Total War wiped away pencil and paper campaigns! I fear that my painting time will now diminish now that I’ve wrestled away my laptop from my eldest son and was able to download Field of Glory Medieval Two for a little over ten pounds.

A new time sink beckons!

Not only did I have my laptop back but I also had time on my hands. The current wife has developed Covid and wasn’t too impressed with my Valentines gift of an iron! What’s a man to do! Play wargames that’s what!

Quite a reaction!

With my new found financial precaution I only bought the basic download but YouTube’s Medieval Wargamer has already got me salivating for more. My first game was Anglo- Irish versus the natives. Right up my street for my pro- Norman sympathies!

The graphics are astounding and more importantly instant!
I was playing on a quite standard laptop but the quality was easily up to the best analogue minis and these ones now actually fight!
The Anglo- Norman knights chased the Irish chieftain off the field ….
It was hard fought but the invader’s spears and longbows settled the combat
I’m hooked!

Well there you have it ; our central dilemma. For ten pounds or nine dollars ( US) the novice gamer has everything that the older gamer has sweated years for. And, you have regular online tourneys and computer referees! My own painting efforts got me thinking…

Medieval longbowmen
Each block is a unit for L’art de la Guerre or two blocks for To the Strongest!
I do love painting but……

The FoG gameplay can get a little repetitive but it wins hands down for accessibility. Tabletop games are very much more personal but Jeffe James of the Norfolk Dice Studz was keen to relate just how friendly the online community is.

Houston we have a problem!

I’d be interested in hearing what the community thinks about both FoG on the computer versus the tabletop. I don’t really think I’d ever give up the lead but I’ve now found Blitzkrieg on Steam and that brings back memories of classic WW2 games and my Flames of War armies haven’t been out of their boxes for literally years.

The future?


  1. That all looks quite impressive! 🙂 More than a few years back I made the decision to give up on the digital games route because I knew other things would suffer as a result (based on time spent playing Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Dune 2000, Starcraft etc.). I also might have given up some, or all, of sex, drugs and rock and roll just to make sure I could keep up with my analogue wargaming and military history stuff! But I can see the lure of being able to just turn on a laptop and leading armies to glory! Go for it!

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    • Wise words; don’t give up the Sex un rock un roll tho!!!!! One thing I don’t miss are all those calculations of firepower and melee. Perhaps the future will be minis with mobile phone wargame adjudicators????

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  2. The digital game has it’s place I think, particularly if it’s something you don’t want to spend a whole load of money on in the physical state. I’ve found games like, Far Cry, Ghost Recon Wildlands, great for giving you ideas for skirmish games though.

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  3. For me the creativity of painting minis and terrain and designing scenarios cannot be replaced by digital games. I do play them against an AI – usually while I listen to a TV show or news that allow me to do both. But they become such a time vampire that they hurt my analogue activities, so I minimize my use of them. Now playing a game over Zoom with figures and real humans, that’s fine.

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