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Godendag 2022: Wargaming at Danger level zero

Even the night before the competition, I had my doubts whether Godendag 2022 would be a success. Would the resolve of the sixty odd players hold? Would ( prime🤣) minister Dripford change the regulations once more? On the morning of the event, I need not have feared. The Field of Glory were already set up and the To the Strongest tourney was almost through their first game. But, the L‘art de la Guerre boots don’t start till they’ve had at least one McDonalds breakfast!

We had a range of armies and the standard of paintwork has just gone from strength to strength!

Umpire and West Country Dice Stud : Andy “ Tory- boy” Unwin- known for his firm but unfounded rulings!

Gordon Malcolm – Hannibal in Italy, Steve Price- Selukid, Edward Ashley Glew Galatian madmen, Andrew Whitby- Archie Medes Persians, Mark Clarke- Hannibal in Birmingham, Don McHugh- Alexander the Great, Keith Mcglynn- Selukid cheese, Andrew Unwin- Hurri Mitani ffs! Richard ‘generosity’ Walker- Selukid, Chris Jackson🧸Republican/Repugnant Romans, me – Bacterial Greeks, mark fry- Early Carthage, Mike Shephard- Pergammon.

Mark Fry’s Carthage tank battalion
Don’s exquisite Indians- Newline Designs and winners of best painted!

Many thanks to all those who made Godendag 2022 such a laugh! Congratulations to our winners!
First: Mark Clarke
Second: Steve Price
Third: Richard Walker
Fourth: Andrew Unwin
Fifth: Chris Jackson !!!!!
Sixth Andrew Whitby
Seventh Don McHugh ( best painter)
Eighth: Edward Ashley Glew
Ninth Keith McGlynn
Tenth: Mike Shepard
Eleventh: Mark Fry ( Bravery)
Twelfth ; Gordon Malcolm ( Best Scot)

Bravery award!!!
Steve Price’s Alexandrian

Hopefully the tinpot dictators will be back in their box next year. Our thanks to all those who made Godendag such a memorable weekend; we look forward to an even bigger and inclusive 2023!


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