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Godendag 2022 sweet inspiration from To the Strongest

What a weekend! We had threats of lockdown, border embargoes, limits on attendees and strictures on eating food! On the day we even had to track down a sixty year old who vaulted a covid safety rail! Such were and are the issues of gaming in 2022! Still we did manage three game systems on the weekend; L’art de la Guerre, Field of Glory and To the Strongest. And, it was this last set of rules that got me thinking about recruiting younger ( i.e. those under thirty) into the hobby. The ideal set for a demonstration game at the forthcoming Firestorm gaming day perhaps?

Visually To the Strongest is a real head turner especially here in 28mm. Dice stud Eddie will soon be trialling a live stream of said system.
Units are easy to handle and big bases protect the minis from rough handling to some extent.
The rules are simple but really exciting. You hit on a 6 when in combat and an 8 when shooting. Everything else is factored into easy to remember saving throws!
The games should last about an hour. The TTS competition managed I think to get four games in on Saturday?
Hopefully we can show that modelling can be a big attraction to our hobby! Above is a samurai camp!
If we had one team member per side we could get four new recruits each game.
No measuring on a grid!
If they ever watched Bruce Forsyth’s “ Play your cards right” then 70s fun is back with a new spin in 2022!
My pick would be to start with the Fall of Rome. We all have minis and the period has a certain dark charm for the Lord of the Rings generation.

Anyway thanks for reading. Please have your comments ready for the February High Council meeting when the Jeffe can decide. More plans discussed on the weekend were a DBA competition in the Summer. Again, a potential good recruiting sergeant? Our thanks to all the TTS players who attended and put on such a brilliant, inspiring display.

L’art de la Guerre results and photo dump this week!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Recruiting has been an issue in Oz as well. There are only three types of growth:
    Biological Growth- recruiting your own kids
    Transfer Growth – pinching them from some other club
    Conversion Growth – new to the hobby
    Sorry Guru didn’t mean to sound like an evangelist but it is true.
    As a group we meet in our own homes and this means we are not too interested in increasing numbers. A while a go we had a chat around what we liked about the hobby and it was modelling, painting, history, playing games (we all like to win but hate OTT competitive types), in no particular order. However the overwhelming drawcard was just catching up with mates and having a chinwag a quite one or two over a game.

    The biggest issues for newbs are cost, painting and where and how to start. We have suggested to Newbs to just come along, use our figures and play lots of different games until you find something you like and then we will help you work out what you need and how to paint them.Hope this helps. Like Simon’s systems as well.

    Sorry for yet another Guru rant!

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    • Not at all! Really useful point. I was talking to the store worker and it’s basically what you wrote. Unlike warhammer , historicals don’t have a few dominant titles and there are so many unrelated aspects ; air, sea , ancient and modern etc? I was just thinking of a starter for our lgs : as u say most historical gamers regularly meet a small bunch around each other’s houses.

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  2. Lovely line up of figures.

    The Little Wars TV analysis of the WSS yearly survey did wonder if historical gaming is something that you get into when you are older… in that case what you need to look for are the 30 year olds looking for something a bit different to 40k when they are burnt out by GeeDubs antics.



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