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Wargaming the Madness!

How difficult can organising a wargames competition be? Well, the answer would be,” not too difficult”, were we not in the last week of Covid panic. But we have three tournaments running, the prizes are bought and we are full steam ahead to next Saturday!

Competitors to confirm identity upon arrival!

I was so inspired by last Friday’s game of To the Strongest, I spent Saturday afternoon rebasing my French medieval knights. The knights are the ephemeral Rank and File minis that were available via Foundry many, many years ago. Still, I like them and they now have a new lease of life! Longbowmen to follow!

Into the arrow storm
Shields makes them before 1400 but good for procuring too! A knight is a knight ?
The rest of the host!
I do like these quite slender but detailed minis!
Good old Essex minis make up the men- at- arms or genre d’armas!
Six knights bases and three men at arms.

The list checking for Godendag was finished but for two amendments that I need to follow up. The runners and riders for Godendag 28mm adlg will be my next post. I even had time to work out my own army, Bactrian Greeks. I’m honoured to be borrowing some of Martin’s figures for this competition but not that many it would appear. In my new spirit of “ chipping away” at projects, “ a little but often”, my only task are some Persian style light horse.

Easily finished in five days; Phil Mackie would be proud, painting in the last week before a tourney!

The 2022 life guide is paying dividends! The hobby room floor is looking a lot better! the finished figure count is healthy and a competition weekend is approaching! Life is good( ish) again!

Cardiff Dice Studz specialise in “ necessary” encouragement. Do not read Jessamyn!


  1. Nice one Mike ! I’ll pass on the life advice but will go for Jessamyn’s book as after Xmas I look pretty similar 😳


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