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Renaissance at Warfare and Roll Call

Bob Medcraft, friend to Cardiff Dice Studz and all round nice guy, is after your thoughts on the following two tournament themes. The rules system is Field of Glory Renaissance.

Warfare Wargames Competition

The options were: –

Option 1 – Wars in North America & Caribbean 1622-1700,
Colonial Spanish,
Colonial Dutch,
Colonial English,
Colonial French,
Eastern Woodland Culture,
Plains Culture,
Pacific North West Culture,
Pueblo Culture,
South Eastern Woodland Culture,
English West Indies Expedition, 

Option 2 – Armies of Asia, Africa and America, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn 1500 – 1644: –  

Muslim Indian, Hindu Indian, Indonesian or Malaccan; Thai, Burmese and Khmer; Vietnamese; Horn of Africa; Hawaiian; Mughal; Aztec; Tlaxcalan, Huaxtec or Otomi; Tarascan; Zapotec or Mixtec; Chinatec; Mayan; Inca; Mapuche or Araucanian; Tupi; Amazonian Forest Tribes; Chichimec; Western Sudanese; Central African; Central Sudanese; West African Forest; Mossi. (European Allies allowed – no more than 4 BG’s)

Option 3 – Last Trumpet of the Elephants, Southern Asia 1650-1698
Minimum of 4 Elephant bases, no more than 16 bases of Superior Battle troops

Vietnamese (May have Khmer allies)
Thai Burmese and Khmer (May have Portuguese allies)
Indonesian or Malaccan (must be an option that has Elephants),(may have Dutch allies if Johor Sultanate)
Hindu Indian (May have Dutch allies if Sinhalese Kingdom)
Muslim Indian

If I do not receive more views by the end of the month a theme will be chosen by Bob!

Roll Call

Tim Porter has asked whether we want a two day competition at Roll Call. Bob reminded him that in the past Roll Call was our 25mm 650 points competition. If you are interested can you let him know either by email or on the Slitherine Forum.



  1. Aetius Last of the Romans

    What scale for Renaissance & what rules (FoGR I presume – but best to check & not presume). And Roll Call – is that also FoGR? Please be more precise in future. Some of us have better things to do – like boiling our socks.

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    • 😹😹😹😹it says Field of Glory Renaissance in the first paragraph you unkind oaf! Good luck with the sock boiling and see you in two weeks ( and good luck with the “ random” draw!)

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