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Dice Studz at the Races- Warfare 2021

There is nothing better than a day’s hobby shopping to lift the spirits. Taken from its legendary location in a Reading Leisure centre, Warfare has seriously improved its already high reputation!

Royal Ascot is the new venue and what a venue!

The whole of the ground floor was a mixture of vendors and display games. I would estimate that the number of traders was down slightly but foot fall was brisk and the money seemed to be changing hands. The venue is much more spacious and well appointed…

Trends of note seem to be the demise of 15mm as a scale( mentioned in previous posts). A worrying trend but perhaps easily explained when you see the vintage of most tourney player’s armies. The rise of plastics continues unabated in 28s and now even smaller ( Geek gaming prints!)

Four floors of gaming goodness!

Board game sellers were notable for their absence but their place has been taken by many small accessory and terrain suppliers. Three floors were devoted to competition. Wargames personality , Tim Porter single handedly filled two exhibition rooms with L‘art de la Guerre in 15s and 28s. The Flames of War and Saga Games looked inviting with again high numbers and great terrain. DBmm and MeG also had an impressive turn out. All looking healthy for the return of face to face gaming in 2022.

English Civil War in two scales!
An amazing Fire and Fury battle from the West Welsh club!
54mm scale ancients! My God- how much storage space?
Punic Wars Impetvs! ReLly shows how far seeing that set was in its day!
Crow and vulture markers are worthy of copying !
My favourite: everyone’s favourite period of course; the 1932 Siam coup attempt! The Battle of Dan Meung aero drone: try Googling that one!

Great to meet so many old ( but young at heart) pals! I spent all my Christmas cash in about two minutes flat. Mrs Santa immediately confiscated Lasalle Two and Muskets and Tomahawks but the elves squirrelled away the haul below! A great day and a spiffing new highlight for the UK wargamers yearbook.

Have a great weekend! Two weeks to our own Virtus 2021 so if you haven’t submitted your lists then hurry!
A Bridge too Yonder!


    • Roger that- the boys are in contact with the Fire and Fury author do get the latest scenarios. The terrain was all modular blocks which added realism. 10mm minis too we’re an eye opener!

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  1. Love the report. We are starved of this kind of hobby retail therapy in Oz and have to plan our OS trips to coincide with US and UK conventions. Sad but true!

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