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Phew thank God wargamers are getting serious!

“If you come to a Games Workshop event or store and behave to the contrary, including wearing the symbols of real-world hate groups, you will be asked to leave. We won’t let you participate. We don’t want your money. We don’t want you in the Warhammer community.”

Not in the least a little….erm…. German?

The news has leaked out and Games Workshop are moved to action! A Spanish tournament player at the Talavera GT has caused a stir by wearing Nazi/ fascist badges and icons! The Celtic cross and the Falange arrows were seen to adorn a player who went under the name of “ Austrian painter.” It’s a fashion statement that even a young Prince Harry might see as tasteless!

Whaaaaaaaat was he thinking!!!!! ???????
It’s a good job the Warhammer world steers clear of such iconography!

Thankfully, GW have released their statement and everyone can feel welcome and safe in the Dark future! Only can they? If Superman needs to be gay and the Imperium needs to be politically correct, surely the Krieg collection must be as welcome as anti- slavery protesters in erm…. the Qatar World Cup????

No rightwingers here! No way
Tournament players arrive by public transport! I wonder which army they went for?

Phew! Right wing hate groups will no doubt stay away from their preferred recruiting grounds of halls filled with those playing with toy space soldiers. Maybe now they will switch back to the criminally insane and mentally ill like the extreme Left wing hate groups. But please don’t kid us that Grim Dark is taken seriously by all but a tiny minority and if that minuscule misguided number really is such a problem, be a bit more imaginative in your figure ranges. Meanwhile I’m collecting a Tau army!

Tau standard bearer included in the Gulag Education Centre Christmas box.
Who could possibly object to a space marines army?
Happy gaming everyone!

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  1. GW being politically correct? They have always been political but correct, not so sure!

    Does this mean that I cannot use my Halfing cook pot, my Goblin Doom Diver, or my penal legion because of cruelty to dumb enemies, promoting suicide, or exploiting the criminal population of the world? Can I keep my Inquisitors and Commissars?

    Hmmmmm? I may just have to build a Dark Eldar army instead!

    Great post with the appropriate level of sarcasm!

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