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Farewell your majesty

Who’d have thought it? I have finally stopped calling myself a royalist! My attachment to nobility remains but the events of this week have just been too hysterical! In a “ pandemic”, 50 thousand of the great and good have descended on Glasgow to tell us that we must reduce foreign travel and consumption. And there was the image that sealed the fate of my royalist sympathies. That broach on the queen’s lapel tells you more than Biden’s flown in motorcade. The panic and the restraint are for us and not them!

A time for cutting back?

I needed to regain some hope, some belief in virtue that endures. So what are we left with? Well perhaps what was always there amongst the ruins……

True nobility!
Church and state reunited!
Still regretting the split of Empire and Church

So it was with a heavy heart that I turned to my collection. But, the image of the knight never fails to lift one’s spirits…

Spanish knights of the Reconquista!
Portuguese nobles!
All these figures will be on display at our Christmas club game in the holidays. To the Strongest is the set of rules. All non- Royals welcome!
And don’t start me on the Guelphs!


  1. Hell man, we figured that out in 1775…though to your point we’ve self-inflicted ourselves with plenty of loathsome leaders since them (as well as some great ones). Our current dotard in chief puppet and his progressive string-pullers are driving me nuts, but already the tide is reversing. And did you know the ice caps on Mars are melting? Maybe the Rivers did that too. Hmmm. Maybe, just maybe, climate is always changing. And always has.

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