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Virtus 2021 and Godendag 2022 : the state of play

Thoughts and comments are needed urgently! The first proposition is to organise Virtus as a one day but three game 28mm L’art de la Guerre competition. Firestorm Games can accommodate us on the 18th December. We would need to decide on the era( s).

Andrew Whitby has already commented;

“there are several competitions in November, , at least two, Brixham and Warfare, both of which will attract a lot of the competition circuit players. Three games needs a very strict and tight timetable. As to a theme, how about the green section of the rules, covers arabs, Byzantine, hairy german armies , Vikings and some of the eastern ones which should allow a reasonable spread of armies. Brixham is pre knight, warfare is knights!

With regards to Godendag, the date offered is the 22nd and 23rd January. We are proposing 15mm doubles L’art de la Guerre. Kevin Johnson commented that 300 points would get more than enough troops on the table. We could maybe run to 325 points if we go Medieval.

Andrew added;

– I know of one definite and one possible competition both in early February. The Plymouth club have yet to make a decision, Del says there is a meeting “soon” to decide. If it runs, and we can attract enough players, it is likely to be the first weekend of February. The second weekend of February is Beachead in Bournemouth which I suspect will attract most of the London based players, maybe to the detriment of PAW which really means early Jan for Godendag.

Theme for PAW if it runs is pre alexander, no pike, no elephants, no far eastern armies, not seen a period for Beachead)

I’ve just got in touch with the other system leaders and would really like to get moving on forming up arrangements by the early part of next week.



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