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Alone together!

I’ve always spent far too much time on You-tube and Twitter- face. Anti- social media has robbed me of so many hours. It started with music , transitioned through YouTube talks and most recently has arrived at what I call the hobby personality blogs.

The original hobby genius!

Atom Smasher and Tabletop Minions will always have a special place in my heart. He will sometimes venture into the historical area but his wider hobby vision is far reaching. One of the most endearing aspects is that you actually get to see his face and not just the widely gesticulating hands of other gaming sites.

Atom has expanded to different media but it’s his Saturday morning show that has broken new ground I think. It’s only usually Atom talking to camera for sometimes a few hours but he has mastered the genre.

Tony and Mitch: kings of DBA

Tony Aguilar’s De Bellis Antiquitatis site has been required viewing for years but I’ve got to really like his drop in painting sessions. Tony sits painting and responds to viewers’ comments. The format has so much potential and engenders a real sense that you know the host.

Just what can be done with the format is exemplified by the Eons group!

I think Eons is great. Now edging to twenty five episodes, it is such an upbeat tonic to other more self important sites. The team are so prolific and it is this that I hope to emulate. I don’t think the world is ready to see me talk to camera but the intention is to post here on the blog on a daily basis and start to film weekend and tournament games.

So until tomorrow! Keep scaling the lead pile and fighting the Grey (plastic)!



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