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Wargaming West of the M5

What’s a middle aged man to do on a Sunday? Mow the lawn? Woodwork? Football on the Telly? For the Dice Studz, the answer can only be wargaming. The focus of our efforts was of course Thornbury Leisure Centre “ the cradle of dreams!”……..

An early start was needed for a kick off time of anywhere between nine and ten dependent on who you asked!
Once through the M4 Aust turnoff, it was plain sailing through quaint 1970s semis and the detritus of the nuclear power industry. Here and there were lonely Harvester restaurants with idyllic views across the Severn. Occasionally a pheasant would stir, nervous of the noises from the local dogging group. It’s like the Cotswolds without the tea rooms, or the filthy rich!
You can always be assured a warm welcome from the locals. Here the local landowner Andrew Unwin DCA, Keith the organiser. ( seated) and a menacing Berkeley hooligan form the reception committee!
Here an inquisitive local seeks knowledge from Paul and Mark. The arcane language of these top wargaming personalities is, I’m afraid, lost on the simple rural dweller…
The hall was filling up now with plastic kits brought from near and far. Some we believe, came as far as Chippenham and Marlborough. But, for us the show meant wargaming.
My Late Roman force faced everybody’s favourite driving instructor, Richard Walker in round one. Could my legions get to his 100 years war bowmen?
The Romans made a brave show of it, taking Henry V to within one point of destruction.
The overall quality of the minis was first class. Ghulams by Keith McGlynn
Gallic horse purchased by Lord Unwin’s off- shore earnings.
And it was Andrew that I faced in round two. He sent a small corps of Celtic light horse and chariots to face my foot. Meanwhile a massive sledgehammer of woad warriors slammed into my flank.
The Gallic hug!
Testing the rules to the limit: Asterix would have been proud of the antics of his wheeled dare devils.
It was my favourite Roman general who had to hold back the horde but not with that dice roll. Thankfully young Flavius had left the kettle men to their own devices the turn before! a narrow losing draw to the Romans.

And then the climax of the day! Rome against Bedouin! Steel versus horse flesh. Or rather the gentlemen against the wargames ogre of the Western marshes.

Mountain warriors made up Keith’s foot command….
But, Keith had put all his faith into his impact cavalry. Acting in combination with archers and artillery, the Roman horse sliced through the Mounted wing. A victory for Rome to end the day!
It was a tense gathering for the prizes but all were well deserved. I was happy with my placing. A hundred points adlg is great fun and my next army revision would change my heavy cavalry wing into a shoot light or medium horse Hun corps.
Paul Frith stole third place with his immaculate Mongol host. His style of play was described as “ trying to catch quick- silver in a gloved hand!”
Great brushwork from Paul the Mongol
Second place – Richard grabs Keith’s helmet surrounded by adoring fans.
But it was Weston Dice Stud Andrew who won through in the end, even defeating Tim “ the Madaxeman” Porter in the final.
It was time to pack up and leave the field. What a great day. The hundred points format really works and it wasn’t a push to get three games in over the course of the day.
As I left the car park, I really felt that normality has returned! Our thanks to our generous host Keith and we look forward to many more tournaments of such quality!
Join us next Saturday as three Dice Studz head to Bristol Independent Gaming for SAGA Ironman! What could possibly go wrong? Photo from the 2019 trip to The Portland of the West Country!
Colston returns!


    • Roger that; some real nice new stuff is coming into armies now. I know lots of the older players cherish the 30 year old minis but man the new stuff by Footsore and Beast is so good!

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