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Wargaming: out with the old and in with the new!

Longbows, the weapon of choice for the current crop of medieval L’art de la Guerre wargamers. I had an answer and that was crossbows. It was crossbows behind pavises! Not heroic but was a crooked stick containing any chivalry!

Genoa has the answer for a price!
Massive Claymore castings; new generation of heroic 28s
No way we’re these going to rank up! Action poses but I couldn’t model arrows in bound!
Medieval France can only have two units but you never know.
Or rather, to end the longbow, silence them with cannon balls!
Not mobile but so intimidating!
And to pay for my new toys, my 15mm knights go on eBay today😥
Stay tuned for a show report from Thornbury ; seventh place mediocrity I’m afraid but a great rubber of games
Deep in though against my nemesis Andy Unwin. Photo courtesy of Tim Porter ( no relation)


    • Well funnily enough!!!! Dave and I have just been discussing take away armies!
      One of the best armies I ve ever seen was a Moghul army with rocket launchers, elephants and camel cannons! Quite a challenge!

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      • Great pics. great paint job. Not sure on how they will work as i have only had a few games of “Art” so I bow to your superior knowledge.

        Coincidentally I have just re-based my Moghul army, with all the funnies that you mentioned, because the old cardboard bases were becoming tatty. Once the glue has dried and I have “flocked” the bases I will post some pics.

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      • Took out the English longbows with mounted charges last time! Our Henry V forgot to deploy in a ploughed field!
        Looking forward to see the Indians!

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  1. Very cool indeed. The shields (pavises – just learned yet another new word from you!) look stunning – I’m assuming decals? The bombard is cool as well. Just wondering how your figs did on eBay – and under what seller name (I’d like to check that out just for curiosity as I may eventually have to – God forbid – sell at some date before assumption of room temperature.

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