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SAGA: Death is nothing!

The tribune looked disapprovingly at his new command. He had left the pleasures of the Almalfi coast for this “ promotion”, four cohorts of the most disreputable wretches this side of the Great Wall. And the mission for these sons of Mars? Rescue a caravan of merchants from a clutch of shepherd’ huts on the Road North.

Flavius and his only dependable soldier!

Johan Wodenhammer saw his prize. Enough spice, amorphas of sweet wine, and gems to win him his own kingdom. With the caravan in his clutches, life would begin again. But, from the South of the farmstead, he heard the unmistakable noise of horses, and that meant his prize would have to be fought for!

A lordship or a return ticket to Italia!?

The Roman horse dug their spurs in to gain ground on the Saxons. They were on the hillside to the North but as yet unaware of the relief column. The “Roman” foot soldiers, mainly drawn from local homesteads , grumbled and cussed as they tried to keep up with the equites.

Flavius had a plan in mind. The hill to the west would house the archer cohort. One troop of horse would test the mettle of the raiders whilst a more experienced turmae looked for a flank.
The Saxons we’re going to mass for a single punch toward the prize. Speed was needed but the thought of cavalry gave the raiders pause for thought.
The leading Roman horsemen charge the Saxon. Arrows fly but fail to find a mark. Flavius curses his men for not keeping their bowstrings dry in last night’s downpour.
The charge was ill- timed. Falling short, the Roman riders had to spur their blown horses forward again to reach the Saxon shield wall.
Only two riders survived the melee. Death means nothing to these raiders! Flavius would need a new stratagem against these Saxons if even the lowly warriors could wreak such havoc!
The equestrian Flavius had no alternative plan. With his honour slighted, the proud Roman sent another unit into the fray.
Jeers rose from the Saxon. Was this the best the Roman could do? Finally the Roman officer saw sense and controlled his pride.
The Roman foot gave succour to the traders. No doubt a few gems would be missing from the manifest. Flavius would need to combine his troops to slow these Saxons. The wall would aid the defence.
The Saxon warlord had been directing his warriors but is found hanging back as the raiders decided that the archers must be silenced.
Years of patrolling the frontier had hardened these Romans into masters of blade as well as bow. After dispatching the Saxon warriors they went on to hit Johan with a well aimed arrow.
The arrow in Johan seriously affected the greedy Saxon. He would not risk his chosen men against the walls of the Croft. Having seen his warriors cut down by arrows, Johan treacherously sought sanctuary behind is own archers and called for his own hearth guards back from the attack. The veterans would not appreciate the chance to act as meat shields to the would be warlord!
Flavius saw his chance of achieving enough Virtus to get himself home. Charging with all that he had left in his trusty stallion, Flavius charged the barbarian archers and slew six in seconds!
Our thanks to Damian at Playmats. eu for transporting us to Northern England with their excellent 2D terrain. The terrain arrived from Poland days after being ordered and is of fine quality. It’s definately lighter than our usual load but we can always add terrain features when felling more athletic! A first class supplier!
You always know when you have had a good game when both players go off and buy more figures. I sent for more Saxons, a tough adversary and John /Johan went for Scots- Irish. Perhaps the javelin bog dwellers would be more suited to John’s default style of play. The SAGA rules certainly reward the player who can use the boards most effectively and that was certainly John on this occasion. We may yet see Johan Knock- knees return to the North?
Another great supplier- EBay Fluid 3D bases: great quality and two day turnaround!

Off to the beach now to get rid of those Northern chills! I wonder if Flavius made it to Almalfi????

Best Wishes for a happy Summer


Looking forward to next Freya’s day!


  1. Nice looking minis and game! 🙂 I quite like your 2-D terrain and much easier to transport. Maybe I should just have been making some myself for the Season of Scenery challenge, it’d have been much easier!

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  2. I like the fact that my archers are classed as warriors, at least they get 8 dice In melee, My scorpion is very handy as well especially, with extended range, superb against cavalry.,

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    • Wise words!
      I have got a ballista but went with warrior archers. Couldn’t get the hang of the Impetvs track though. By the time it would have come in useful, I’d squandered the Impetvs Dice!

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      • Don’t forget that with the ballista you get 6 levy javelin men. They don’t get many dice fighting or shooting but if you keep them away from trouble they generate a SAGA dice. I got that one when attending a SAGA Iron Man competition from Rich, after all, he is the bearer of all SAGA knowledge.

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  3. Great Battle report. Always good to get ideas on different terrain. Personally I am not a fan of 2D terrain but I do love terrain mouse mats to provide an outline for swamps and forests etc. I have just purchased a lot from “Monster Fight Club” – They have a forest floor/pond and a paved road/rocky ground mats that I use all of the time. Saga is a great game. I will have to dig out my figures again.

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    • I’m a sucker for new technology. I used to laugh at those serious gamers with pieces of dark green, cat hair encrusted felt at comps. These ones remind me of those great days of Timpo playmats! I’ll definately seek out those monster fight club templates! No more massive boxes on club nights!

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  4. Fun post Mike – and wonderful that Flavius rose to the occasion. I liked the 2D terrain as a future option for me so thanks on that. Do you have a link on those cool bases and the 2D?

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