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Three years and one knight!

It’s difficult to predict how one reacts to stress. If I’m under pressure of time, I don’t usually cave but rather, I develop an unhealthy interest in something quite irrelevant to the task in hand. Hence this little cartoon beauty.

I picked the model up nearly three years ago at the Thornbury modelling show and I’ve finally got round to painting him. The. Model is a Chibi Warrior: Teutonic knight from Cartoon Miniatures and I love the style.

Cartoon style painting was all the rage a few years ago, less to be seen now but I love splashing the paint on in thick layers with little blending.

So on with the painting for this year’s Thornbury competition on Sunday: God knows what I shall find to paint by then!

Enjoy the sun



    • I really enjoyed it. I must admit I’m a sucker for this style of comic figure! Might well pick another up this weekend! I think it was seventeen quid though so I won’t be filling the shopping trolley up with them!!!

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  1. I only came across cartoon style recently and had no idea it had been around for a few years. On the right figure I think it is effective and that is very much the case here. Very nicely done Mike. 🙂

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