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Friday night wargaming- Kali Yuga : L’art de la Guerre 28mm

Cardiff was once again set alight yesterday by the crowds heading towards Firestorm Games. The chosen set is of course L’art de la Guerre and the scale is 28mm.

What could be more inviting than the era of full “ white” armour. Those armies look so good!
Two wars of the Roses armies took to the field. Those household banners do catch the eye!
Edward Glew motors across the table with his Burgundians!
Pikemen make a real difference to James’ Wars of the Roses host. And those are long piles!!!! He should know, he’s an officer in ECW reenactment!
The redoubtable Andrew’s pretenders to the throne.
My brigans sit in a marsh waiting for Don’s English to attack.
My secret weapon against the crooked sticks!
English spear wall.
Don’s false French horse and the dreaded longbowmen.
A real knock about slugfest on this table.
The clash between Steve and Edward
Steve’s mini masterpieces at full gallop.
My French elite knights go to work.
My French foot in the foreground feeling very nervous.
Le charge!
Outrageously my knights went on to cut through the bow, and destroy the wing when the False French knights went impetuously into the melee.
The battle winner: the English flank is turned from the marsh!
The next 28mm L’art de la Guerre evening is Friday the third of September. Please get in contact with us if you would like to join in the fun. We have seven committed to attending already! All we ask is that you bring a positive outlook and good manners. If you look like the lady above, just come along anyway!
Best wishes



  1. Great Battle Report.

    “Positive outlook and good manners”? Are you really after gaming opponents?

    Ahh I get it! You actually want a suitable unclad female warrior holding a flame for you don’t you?

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      • Well, game-wise I’ve stalled a bit, even e-mail games, but Dave Stone’s Season of Scenery challenge has really got me moving on the scenery front! Progress is slow but steady, which is fine, and I also have a clear-ish idea of what I’d like to get completed for the year, so am not going to grumble! 🙂

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      • Organisation , that’s the ticket! I’m happy with progress mini wise but it’s a pity the whole western world had to shut down in order for me to get sorting!
        Don’t hate me but I’ve just got some 2D terrain from Poland. I just got sick of transporting a massive box of terrain to club twice a week! Look forward to seeing your work though!

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  2. I have no problem with 2-D terrain, given the amount of battlemats I’ve got! For those periods where troops move around in big formations and need units bases, 2-D terrain makes a lot of sense! Go for it!

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  3. PIGS has had the same problem. Seems youngsters are only interested in the various card systems and GW formats. Biological growth seems to be the only thing that works. By that I mean indoctrinate your kids which seems to work for other groups with strange way out there ideas like weird church sects.

    However, I think the only reliable method is to have members lie about there age.

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  4. I agree being organised is the key.

    I have painted more in the last six months than I have completed in the last ten years.
    This is because of Covid-19 lock-downs but also being a lot more organised. I paint at least one colour on all of the models in the current project each day.

    For the first time I have listed all of my unpainted projects. I was shocked at how many thousands of miniatures I have collected.

    These were then divided into four groups. Those that I will never finish/dislike/etc, those that I would like to get finished in the next six months (HIGH), those that I would like to have finished in the next 12 months (MEDIUM) and those that can wait to “whenever” (LOW). This has helped me prioritise painting projects and motivate me. It also helps if your are slightly anally retentive!

    I am now in the process of selling, giving away or just binning the stuff in the “I will never finish” category which is a very cathartic experience.

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    • Roger that! I hate to say that I am fast having to realise I may never do a refight of Marengo in 28mm before I go up to the pearly gates! It is scarily quite liberating to actually be realistic! My wife is already figuring out the net worth of my toys??????

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  5. Nice post Mike and although I’m not a gamer myself it is nice to see that people are now actively engaged with others in pursuit of their hobby interests. Here’s hoping it continues. Some great looking miniatures on display to admire judging by those photos. As for the lady in the final shot she is an uncannily like the triplets who are members of my modelling club. 😉

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  6. Mark Fry

    Looks like fun Mike. What period is the September game & as I might potentially be able to make it, what time do you start & finish? Assuming you might have room for me? Cheers Mark

    ⁣Get BlueMail for Android ​

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    • Well that would make my Summer!!!!! You and Andy Unwin! We are planning the classical era, if that suits??? The boys start assembling around half five for a six o clock start? Food and drink a plenty!!!! How wonderful to hear from thee!!!!

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