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Wargaming: it’s all in the preparation!

The fine lady in the image is a “ knocker” ( singular!). She was employed by the fair denizens of Victorian England to wake up those having difficulty rising in the morning with the shooting of peas at the bedroom windows. The unbearable heat of Wales in Summertime may necessitate the employ of such a professional..

My regular reader will notice that my paint table is strangely tidy, by my standards at least! I’ve developed a new system; parcel of minis arrives , hopefully unnoticed, and figures are cleaned up. Here is the genius bit!!!!!! I then take the minis , and you know there are a lot of them, out to the garage to be undercoated! I know it doesn’t “ sound” revolutionary but I can now at least see the carpet in the front bedroom!

Cleaned and glued and now off to the garage!

During the Winter I had extolled the virtues of pottering, if you have only twenty minutes , try and do some task. Get the menial out of the way and you’d be surprised how the progress mounts up. This is different, this is Summer industrial scale preparation.

The above finishes off yet another “army” ; I have sort of stuck to a completed army per month!
This was a bonus project. The monthly 28mm L’art de la Guerre nights have been great fun. A scaffold set by Manticore caught my eye and hey presto, I had a baggage element for my French Medieval project! There can’t be many hobbies where the virtues of a plastic gallows set make for pleasant evening conversation.
It’s To the Strongest tomorrow and those tricky Black Sea Tartars had Italian crossbowmen; rebasing is easier than painting in the sun. The enemy Ottomans would not be complete without feather topped Dellis; more basing!
Do you like unboxing videos; I don’t!

“ Another parcel for you! “ my current wife sneered. Oh dear! Eight days to finish a medieval army, could it be done? Would my new system cope with the pressure?

Oh good! The crossbows are in two parts and also the pavices are also in bits! “ Not a problem! claymore castings are so good!
Will there be anytime to enjoy the Summer delights of Wales? Will I get two armies ready by tomorrow? Will the French go crossbow- less in to battle? We shall see mon gens braves! Courage!
More from me tomorrow! God I love the Summer!

Hope you too are enjoying yourself


Eight days!


  1. Good luck with the eight day challenge. I employ a similar process. Have a group of figures on painting sticks and paint at least one colour per day. Within a few they are generally all completed as most minis have less than seven colours on them.

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    • Great minds……..
      Leaving stuff in the garage decreases earache about clutter!
      You remind me of the old three colour minimum that our Flames of War tournaments used to insist on! One regular used to insist that the addition of stiles counted as a colour! ( not me btw!)

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    • First stage complete! Played a game of To the Strongest with two painted armies ( but the paint may have been a little damp on the bases!!!!)
      Have a great weekend!

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