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Wargaming the Horse Soldiers!

Vinyl : worth its weight in gold!

The album above had been bought as a present from my father to my mum when they had been courting! What a generation! You take a lady to see a war film and leave her with an album of American Civil War music! But, to me, just the cover was enthralling and the subjects of many attempts to copy the battle scene. Not quite as many drawings as those of John Wayne’s other classic “ the Alamo”, but close. Well I no longer have a record player but I do have a love of this period!

To add to my 28mm Rebels and Patriots collection, this little lot will go towards refugees using Chamberlain, the ACW variant of Blücher wargames rules. Lyrics from Corb Lund’s “I wanna be in the cavalry!’

lyrics by Corb Lund, music by Stan Rogers / Corb Lund

I wanna be in the cavalry if they send me off to war

I wanna good steed under me like my forefathers before

I wanna good mount when the bugle sounds and I hear the cannons' roar

I wanna be in the cavalry if they send me off to war

I wanna horse in the volunteer force that's riding forth at dawn

Please save for me some gallantry that will echo when I'm gone

I beg of you sarge let me lead the charge when the battle lines are drawn

Lemme at least leave a good hoof beat they'll remember loud and long

I'd not a good foot soldier make, I'd be sour and slow at march

And I'd be sick on a navy ship, and the sea would leave me parched

But I'll be first in line if they'll let me ride, by god, you'll see my starch

Lope back o'er the heath with the laurel wreath underneath that vict?ry arch

Let me earn my spurs in the battle's blur where the day is lost or won

I'll wield my lance as the ponies dance and the blackguards fire their guns

A sabre keen, and a saddle carbine and an army Remington

Where the hot lead screams with the cold, cold steel let me be a cav?lryman

Let 'em play their flutes and stirrup my boots and place them back to front

For I won?t be back on the rider-less black (jack) and I'm finished in my hunt

I wanna be in the cavalry if I must go off to war

I wanna be in the cavalry, but I won't ride home no more
HQ unit- someone to direct the chaos!
Cavalry Brigadier
Who doesn’t love an oversized flag!
Another bullet magnet!
HQ camp- busy with messengers in all directions.

The figures are Lancashire Games 18mm. They are massive minis and I love them. I used contrast paints so they were dead quick. The heavy detail just loves washes of colour, so a lot of shading wasn’t needed. I was going to use Commands and Colors scenarios so I only needed three brigades of horse, but I thought I’d go dismounted too. The Northern infantry were ordered weeks ago but as Buford also found, the time keeping of sloggers can’t be relied upon. Hope you like them!

The Northern army so far!


  1. Over the years I’ve probably seen the movie 1/2 dozen times. It’s based on a historical Union raid and certainly has gaming potential. Another movie I’d like to game is Major Dundee. Thanks for the memory!

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    • I love the period! I’ve got 28s and 15s, and other club members have 6mm and 10mm!!!! I think it’s the films that started me off! Red badge of Coursge is another classic!!!

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  2. The look great. I particularly like the front of the bases which indicate centre and I assume arc of fire. Great idea. We are embarking on a 7th Cavalry V Plains Indians skirmish level project in 28mm. Unfortunately I am letting the side down with my 7th Cavalry output. Sorry guys too many other shiny things.

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    • The bases are for Sam Mustafa’s Blücher- a great game for brigade level games!
      I always fancied Pony Wars- but they would have to be pure Hollywood rather than grimey and realistic!

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      • One must always have excellent and reliable source materials.

        We have decided on “They died with their boots on”!!

        Let Bacchus’ sons be not dismayed
        But join with me, each jovial blade
        Come, drink and sing and lend your aid
        To help me with the chorus:

        chorus: away with spa, we’ll drink brown ale
        And pay the reckoning on the nail;
        No man for debt shall go to jail
        From Garryowen in glory.

        Grimey and realistic……Ptah!

        Now where have I placed my “War wagon”?

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      • That’s the ticket!
        And don’t get there too early; just in the nick of time will do!!!
        Pony wars is a classic set too; umpire driven indjuns!!!!

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