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SAGA Freya’s Day- Blood on the Strand

But when Biorn came out over the sea, he went south to Engerland, and then south further to the beach at Bournemouth and in those days was Sven Timjiin captain of the Jomsburg Vikings. Foul Baldwin the Norman entered into covenant with them, and was called an ally and friend. When Sven Timjiin demanded tribute from Baldwin, money and succour came there none. The Norman claimed that he had but three times already paid for said land. Sven would retrieve what was owed by point of sword and did battle ensue…….And while Sven was alive he was deemed the best of men and the bravest in all deeds that try a man.

The Saga of Sven Timjiin

Sven’s raiders in newly pillaged finery make landfall on the strand at Bournesmouth.
Many a Fyrdsman would find business elsewhere when they saw the red flag of Sven emerge from the sea.
Baldwin’s archers were a tested asset, possessing volley fire that discomfort the Vikings from two long measures! How the Norman did guide and fumble!
The forest were full of strange fruit in deed. Within the thickets we’re the false weapons of the Frank- the crossbow be cursed!
Sven would have his tribute. Alighting from their ship the Windbreaker, the Vikings form the Sweinshead and advance!
The circle of stones had been a campsite of brothers but now scores would be settled in blood!
Under new masters now, the duplicitous Saxon now threw his javelins under the Norman yoke, happy to loose and run back to the glade.
Angered by the pin pricks from afar, Sven brought up his own bowmen. Many days at sea had made their sinews soft and they would not close with their forest foes.
Rather the younger bowmen did cravenly hide behind the Runestones…
Angered by the impudence of the lowly, Sven sent his whole host of fighting men after the upstart prickles!
What magic is this? The runestones exhaust the crossbowmen with some devilish machination! The Norman warriors are aghast and Baldwin scurries to check said battle board of the heathen invader!
The javelin men return to Harry the Viking magic workers…
Unnoticed by Sven, a retinue of brave Norman knights creep toward their prey.
The knights bounce. What use is a bow against sword and shield. The archers are sorely discomforted and they too seek the shelter of the forest.
Out of that forest, the Viking hearth guard attempt to unblock the path to riches. The Saxon dogs hold and even kill on of the brave Viking sea lords.
But it is Baldwin who is surprised. Much reduced by arrows a small knot of warriors takes the Norman Lord by surprise amongst the stones!
All three Vikings are sent to Valhalla for their audacity!
Sven cannot believe that the Norman without horse is still to be feared
The struggle continues to get the advance moving inland. The blood lust of Sven is boiling over…
And, Sven in a shadowy imitation of the Norman Lord sallies forth to clear the Norman knights but the scorpion has a death lunge! Sven is struck down and the battle of the warlords is at a close!
Thank Odin it’s Freya’s day was a blast! SAGA is such a fun knock about game to play. We’ll be back for more Freya’s day antics in two weeks- more than enough time for Sven/ Steve to get another army painted! My thanks to you the reader, the gallant Steve and all at Firstorm Meade hall!
Upcoming events at Firestorm
Tuesday Dice Studz: L’art de la Guerre 15mm

Friday : Lord of the Steppes To the Strongest


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