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Friday Night Kali Yuga

It’s been a very long time since some of these veteran gamers had convened at Cardiff’s Firestorm Games but it was the first Friday on the month and that means Kali Yuga night! Named after the fourth and worst period of the Hindu Yugas, the evening brings the more openly competitive 28mm L’art de la Guerre players to our local game store / temple. It’s not for the faint hearted as these players are masters of their arcane tabletop arts, one mistake and your beautifully painted minis will forever be consigned to wargaming history as an anecdote of their brilliance and your foolishness! It is indeed the Age of Iron !

Brother fights brother in a very fertile North Africa!
The Dons immaculate camel riders!
James Churchill’s living barricade!
James gets to grips with version 4 of the rules!

On the second table, Colin and Eddie joined in battle. Colin brought his Spanish juggernaut in the first round against Mark but ever the follower of fashion, he too brought early Arabs against Eddie. Don’t be deceived, Colin may have the looks of an Adonis but his manner leaves a lot to be desired from a gentleman player (below)

Oh dear, not going well for Colin this Friday!
Eddie’s Patricians make short work of the desert warriors!

It was a Late Roman civil war on table three. As Andrew and I placed our commands, it was almost as though we had brought the same two formations; two strong legion corps and one heavy horse corps but the devil was in the detail.

Notice the new fangled integrated artillery!
It was turn two and Andrew was withdrawing his elite legionnaires??????
Unfortunately, he’d played the same ploy last time we’d played! Instead of diving straight into his trap, I too reached for reverse gear!
Our legions glowered at each other and exchanged long range ballista shots! Those hits on Andrew’s men would prove decisive later.
Andrew’s left hook hit my ‘kettle men’ and the battle turned. With my auxiliary and bowmen fighting from cover, the punch disintegrated. My cataphracts turned on Andrew’s legionary centre.
Andrew would go on to call for a general advance but his men faltered all along the line.
The plan is to play 28mm L’art de la Guerre on the first Friday of each month. Next month we look forward to playing in the Late Medieval era. So if you have the hide of a rhino and the brain of a computer come and join us at Cardiff’s Firestorm Games?


    • I wanted fall of Rome to be the theme and three players bring Early Arabs!!! Three hundred years too bloody early!!! Good to get the big toys out though!

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  1. Ah nothing like historical wargaming is there! At least the civil war was historical, although from the sounds of it maybe not that civil!

    I have not liked “Lah de lah” (although some in PIGS swear by it – I just swear at it) as it is too similar to DBMMMMM Version 123. I am preferring Sword and Spear at the moment, but each to his own.

    Although Cardiff is several continents away, I do have the Hide of A Computer and the Brains of a Rhino, will that do?

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