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S.A.G.A. : An army in a week; week two!

Forty years and not a miniature figure ready for the tabletop. “Pull yourself together man!” I said. “ You could be ready in a week!”The challenge was set! Could a very average gamer like myself get four SAGA points of figures ready in just seven days? Sunday evening and the miniatures were ordered and they arrived from Wargames Foundry Tuesday afternoon. The clock was ticking….

Tuesday evening and the miniatures, thirty of them were cleaned up.

Wednesday night was my weekly visit to my mother’s house but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t do some glueing of the characteristic Norman shields. I’ve come to use Gorrilla glue for all my minis but I really don’t enjoy this stage. Now attaching the minis to their temporary bases is different and that means Bostik. In true Adrian Mole style I love the smell of Bostik. I didn’t end the session with a model aeroplane stuck on my nose but I was reminded of the 1980s Caerphilly glue- sniffing association of my youth.

It was so nice to have a definate project with an end and a deadline. Motivation is needed to break the project trap though! Bostik may help!
I use old bits of lollipop stick when spraying the undercoat. I used the Games Workshop Contrast white primer without which their excellent contrast paints don’t work half so well.
I’m not a dancer nor a high- flier at work but I like to collect toy soldiers and talk nonsense about History to my pals. I don’t rate myself as much as a painter but Contrast paints are so easy to apply. Just make sure you shake the bottle so that the colour wash is not separated!
By Friday the miniatures were all based and contrast painted. Then the bombshell dropped, I would be playing with my Saxons so only my Norman archers would see the table! Gripping Beast sent me the required dice, again within three days of ordering. I love the modern world.
Then came Half term and the usual Saturday drink at the King Billy! Recovery lasted until Bank holiday!

Here some strategy was needed! How could I keep painting and going back and fire to the garage without raising the suspicions of a higher authority? A joint project was the answer, whilst the boys made a plane, I painted Normans.

And when the plane was done- archery and darts!
You must read this blog!

The rule of three is truly transformational!!!! Before embarking on a new project, you must use the minis at least three times! It’s my new mantra; use the mins you have before the new “ shinny” fever! It had taken ten days but the force was completed! One family trip to the beach to secretly collect basing material and it was done.

Where’s all the basing material gone????

What started out a challenge was quite envigorating! The four SAGA points was complete and I was fired up to play. Has you know who started yet? We shall see! I hope you like the finished minis below. Try the rule of three and see if you too are so inspired!

Ambitious young Norman Lord and nervous standard bearer
One point of Norman hearth guard
More bully boys!
Twelve levy archers; already defeated
Love the Contrast paints
And finally, eight crossbow men!

Have a good week and get painting!!!



  1. Also like the flow chart and rule of three(ROT) I have two sorts of projects at the moment, those I am painting to use, and those I am just wanting to get out of the cave and on to shelves cause they are nice and shiny! ROT works for one not the other. Love the post.

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    • Thanks so much! I knew I had to do something when I literally couldnt stand anywhere in the spare room! I’d love to get display cabinets someday too! Good luck with your projects!!!

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  2. Know the feeling. Having moved house recently I had a chance to organise, well actually had to was more like it, the cave “stuff” (technical wargame term meaning minis you once thought were cool but now your not sure). The advantage is I can now find stuff disadvantage is I am not sure I want to as the shiny factor creeps in.

    I just love first world problems!

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  3. Neat one Mike I love the idea of painting what one has before buying new ones but I’m afraid that went out the window long ago 😉. In regards to paints I have started using acrylics , can’t think why I didn’t get into them earlier 🤔. May be I hound check out he contrast paints and how they work 🧐🤓.

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