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SAGA Freya’s Day: The Warlord

It was a welcome return to face to face wargaming last night for Cardiff Dice Studz. To be realistic it was mask to mask combat but what a joy to finally be playing toy soldiers on a Friday/ Freyaday night! Steve brought his immaculately painted Norman host and I threw together my Anglo- Saxons for our new favourite gaming system, SAGA.

Capture the Piggery scenario

After some very hurtful comments about the size of my buildings , we decided that a rather drunken Cedric the Swineherd would be the central objective for the two rival armies. We are new to the system so went for a very modest four point force each.

After drinking heavily, Cedric had to be rescued. It was young James Churchill’s pig farmer anecdote that got us thinking. An old pig farmer neighbour fell into a sty and all they found was his boot! Thanks James!
My Anglo Saxon Farm rescue squad

The Anglo- Saxons comprised a warlord, two heart guard units of four, an eight man warrior unit plus two six- man levy units of archers. The levy gave me an extra activation but it did make me vulnerable to return fire.

The Norman raiders! Bacon tonight!?

Steve went for a much more sensible Norman force of larger units. Doubly so because I realised that the Anglo- Saxon board is dependent on unit sizes and not the usual troop quality. The Normans brought four mounted milites hearth guard, eight mounted warriors with javelins and eight warriors with hand weapons. Steve moaned about not bringing any double ranged “ bows” but he did bring an eight man crossbow unit that was to prove decisive.

Turn one and the Norman horsemen were already in the ville!

Leaving his foot sloggers behind , the Norman warlord rashly stormed through the village . They would meet the stout yeomen hearth guard and the Norman warriors may have regretted their impetuosity!

The shock of the “ new” knights against the older Saxon foot fighting tradition!
On the eastern flank, Saxon archers took up position amongst the hovels.
Following the example of their social superiors, the Norman warriors charge the local Fyrd!
Many minted Normans met their doom. It looked like the hog supplies to the Saxon court were secure.
The Norman warlord was having none of it! A very passive figure for what was to happen. Singlehandedly the Lord cut through the two Saxon hearthguard units!
First one and then the other Saxon units were floored.
By stretching the measure, then banging the table and finally flicking the terrain, the gentlemanly Steve was in range with his crossbows. The volley of bolts skewered the lightly armoured Saxons.
The Saxon defence was in tatters and the haughty Norman warlord was still not done. In the last turn of the battle, the Saxon Thegn bit the dust!

SAGA is such a great system! The games are fast paced and so enjoyable. I really thought I had it in the bag until Steve skilfully used the activation board to turn the tables. We made a few errors but the game is easy to understand and we both went and bought more of the books so Freyanight SAGA looks to be a winner!

If you would you would like to join us at Friday evening then please get in touch via Firestorm or Face book Dicestudz. You’d be assured a warm welcome and a fun game! The system is so accessible and I’ll post a guide to force creation later this week. My Normans are indeed complete in ten days!
Cardiff Dice Studz is a non- charitable wargaming group based at Firestorm Games. Membership is selected by a gentlemanly disposition and an ability to adhere to our aristocratic principles. No jeans or cartoon T- shirts.


  1. Mark Fry

    Howdy How are you doing? Have you got your v.4 LadG book? I am missing table top gaming – but not gaming f2f until the Devon event in Nov. Still painting away. Cheers Mark

    ⁣Get BlueMail for Android ​

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  2. Glad to see you enjoying SAGA, the articles I wrote have had an effect it seems. I will have to join in one Friday once I have returned from the Lakes. Don’t forget I am willing to run a campaign for those interested, if there are enough interested parties we could kick it off in July, just let me know. Incidentally, those two Elephants were superb and I have applied to follow the group, I haven’t decided which faction mine will be completed for in Age of Hannibal, most probably greeks as I have some Pikemen to assemble but will need some cavalry.

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    • Mate, we had a blast Friday! Four players are collecting; we thought to keep to Age of Invasions until we are familiar with the rules! I’m there next Friday but then will have to skip a Friday as wife’s birthday month starts!!!!

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    • Hi John,
      I have to seriously work on my terrain ! Houses for hobbits!
      Hopefully spend time over Summer getting some pieces done. A few maybe could be used for other 28mm skirmish games.
      Have you played SAGA – such a laugh! Not sure we stuck exactly to the rules but not bad for a starter!

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      • The scenery looks really good! I really need to get a move on with scenery myself – have been putting it off for too long! I haven’t played SAGA but quite like the look of it, so will keep it in mind I think! 🙂

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      • I have been playing competitions for too long I think! I’m usually thinking what pieces I need and how I’m going to carry it in as small a box as possible. Some terrain for Saga and Bolt Action can be magnificent. With your skills, I’m sure you could put us all to shame. I was going to buy 2D mouse mat last night to my shame!!!

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